Review: Xeno Trip #2


An over the top adventure that’s literally out of this world! Cody Bennett wakes up on a mysterious planet, with no memory of how he got there, and quickly discovers that he’s been crowned king of a leading monarchy. And to top it off, he’s apparently started a civil war! With his two alien guards Zorg and Stus, Cody begins the quest to regain the lost pieces of his memory in addition to restoring order to the planet. In doing so, he just might be able to find his way home.

xeno coverLast month we reviewed a brand new web comic from QAM Comics called Xeno Trip. The series which I can only describe as a sci-fi/comedy/mystery/adventure/sword and sorcery-ish adventure releases its second issue this week on Comixology. The story is written by Quinton Miles with art by Daniele Cosentino. Giulia Priori handles color and MaGnUs provides lettering. Interesting note: the covers from here on out will depict a scene that happens between one issue and the next. The first issue was a crazy and hilarious hit, but how does round two fair?

Cody Bennett has been the new king of an alien planet for two weeks, but he can’t remember a single thing about how he got here or how he became king. Cody uses his two oafish guards, Privates Zorg and Stus, to try and jog his memory. They’ve told him he was found at Gorz bathing in the waterfall and singing the holy song (Baby Got Back). Cody orders Zorg and Stus to take him to Gorz in the hopes of remembering what exactly is going on. When they arrive, there’s a mysterious figure stalking them from the shadows. When things take a turn for the worse and the trio are captured, Cody starts to find a few answers but they’re not what he was hoping for. What happens when Cody starts to piece together a few things leading up to his arrival on this mysterious planet? How big of a problem has he gotten himself, and his kingdom, into?

Miles writes another great installment. This one starts to piece together what happens to Cody, but it’s still largely a mystery. We see and learn a little more about the area in which Cody has found himself, and the other kingdom he is currently at war with. There’s also a pretty big surprise that isn’t completely telegraphed beforehand, which is always a nice thing. Cosentino’s art is stellar. There’s some fantastic alien life and locals on display in this section. Ordinary things are taken and made extraordinary and new to populate the world. Cody and his guards write Liosters, a combination between lions and hamsters. Priori’s colors are just as good. Things are bright and vibrant, giving things the feeling of an animated webseries or really wild Saturday morning cartoon. The art and colors are really clean and crisp which just makes everything stunning.

Bottom Line: If you liked what you saw in the first chapter of Xeno Trip, you’re going to love this one. There’s still laughs to be had, but this one is largely about the story. Beautiful art and a fun story makes this one you absolutely need to pay attention to. Find it on Comixology right here. 5/5

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