Review: The X-Files: Conspiracy: TRANSFORMERS

Review of: The X-Files: Conspiracy: TRANSFORMERS
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Paul Crilley

The X-Files: Conspiracy: TRANSFORMERS

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On February 26, 2014
Last modified:February 25, 2014


The X-Files: Conspiracy: TRANSFORMERS is where things really start to click.

The Lone Gunmen’s trail of secrets leads them to evidence of extraterrestrial life—mechanical extraterrestrial life! Will OPTIMUS PRIME and his allies trust these human interlopers—and what secret conspiracy could involve CYBERTRON, anyway?!

The conspiracy goes deeper this month as the Lone Gunmen cross paths with those Robots in Disguise themselves, the Transformers. The story is written by Paul Crilley with pencils by Dheeraj Verma. Joana Lafuente handles colors with Chris Mowry providing lettering. The Lone Gunmen have met up with the Ghostbusters and the TMNT, but how does their run-in with the Transformers further their investigation?

Langley has gotten a tip from one of his forum contacts. The Lone Gunmen are meeting out in a dark and abandoned parking lot waiting for the mysterious source to arrive. Little do they know the mysterious source is actually two people, or rather Autobots. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee have been monitoring the web for any mention of Skylogic because Ratchet has been taken by the shadowy organization that is possibly behind the release of the deadly virus that could overtake all of America in a week’s time. After making sure each other are on the level, the Gunmen and the two Autobots team up to track down the man who released the first strand of the virus. Their investigation leads them to one of Skylogic’s bases, but what they find will surprise man and machine alike. Can the team save Ratchet? Will they be able to find any clues to the answers which they seek?

Crilley writes a fast story with a lot of action and a surprising amount of plot development. This is the issue were some questions get answers and a wealth of information is discovered. This is the turning point for the entire event it seems. It’s also a really fun story with the more serious Optimus Prime trying to deal with the wacky Bumblebee and Langley combo. It’s literally an explosive combination that somehow manages to not completely screw things up. Verma’s pencils andLafuente’s colors are absolutely gorgeous. This is definitely the most visually stunning of the tie-in comics so far. There’s almost a painted quality to the pages. The Transformers have never looked more massive, imposing, and machine-like and the Lone Gunmen have never looked more realistic. There’s a very cinematic sense to the panel layout and the way the action is presented on the page. It’s just top notch all around.

Bottom Line: The X-Files: Conspiracy: TRANSFORMERS is where things really start to click. The plot is furthered and the crossover is a fun and thrilling experience. These last two issues have really picked things up and it looks like it’s pedal to the metal from here on out. 4.5/5

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