Review: The Other Woman

Review of: The Other Woman
The Other Woman

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On April 25, 2014
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Horribly unfunny and borderline sexist at points. Don’t waste your time or money.

I don’t normally loathe movies. Maybe in a joking manner, but never to the point that I’m angry to be in the theater. The Other Woman is that type of movie. It panders to woman and ends up being borderline sexist.

The Other Woman is about Carly (Cameron Diaz), Kate (Leslie Mann), and Amber (Kate Upton).  All of these women are in love with Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jamie Lannister on Game of Thrones), specifically Kate who is married to him.  As you might guess given the title, Mark is sleeping with all of these women at the same time.  “Hilarity” ensues as Carly and Kate become friends while plotting to get revenge on Mark. Amber is the late comer and adds to the escapades to take down Mark.  I put quotation marks on hilarity because this movie is not actually funny.  The humor is often cheap laughs that undercut any empowering message that the movie is trying to convey.  Why go for character development when you could get the audience to laugh for five seconds?  Kate starts to become more independent, but then gets drunk that night and sleeps with her cheating husband.  Surely this is funny! Right?

The plot is scatterbrained and keeps trying to spin all the plates.  But considering there are only two plates you’d think this would be easier to manage.  The endgame for torturing Mark never materializes; even though the women bring it up a few times.  It’s squarely focused on the cheap laughs and keeping your focus on that.  Mark’s embezzlement storyline is almost forgotten until the final part of the movie where it is shoehorned in like it was there all along.  It ends up being the magical wand to save the plotline and bring all the dangling threads together.  Strangely enough, the movie tells us what happened to each of the characters after everything is said and done. THEY ARE MADE UP CHARCTERS. WE DO NOT CARE.

While talking to my fiancée after the movie, we both agreed that this movie is catering to women who have just been scorned by a man in the past few weeks. It’s a borderline revenge fantasy masquerading as a romantic comedy.  Men are all pigs…..unless they are really hot (Kate’s brother fills this role).  Never once does it entertain the notion that a person can independent and figure out their own life.  They constantly bicker about men and how they can’t seem to live their lives without someone beside them. Carly seems to have her life figured out for the most part but all of a sudden is desperately trying to find a man in her life. Kate becomes a mess fast once she figures out Mark has been cheating on her, and her life is over. Even though the plot has established multiple times that she actually is quite bright and is a decent entrepreneur.  But no…..can’t do anything without the guy.  Amber is really there to keep men’s attention when the movie starts to drag.  Which is fairly early on.

The acting isn’t any better.  Leslie Mann is playing a similar role to her character in Knocked Up, but can’t to bring in the nuances and likability from that movie.  Mann seems to be having fun at points, but incredibly bored in other scenes.  Cameron Diaz, again, has fun at points with Mann but can’t seem to muster up an interest in this movie when she’s by herself.  She needs to work on her physical comedy, where she seems inept at points.  Kate Upton gives the only good performance of the bunch because of her character’s stupidity. She plays a ditzy 20-something well.  And yes, her breasts are on display for most of the movie guys.  The most saddening part of The Other Woman is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. He’s a phenomenal actor, and his acting skills deserve something better than this movie.  Once Game of Thrones is over, I expect him to be a superstar.

Then there is Nicki Minaj……hold on I need to suppress the anger.  Her delivery feels like someone behind the camera was holding cue cards up and she was reading off of them. She speaks with her mouth barely opening which leads to her mumbling everything.  I could hear Jeff Bridges in True Grit easier.  I audibly groaned after her first scene because it was so difficult to watch.  Thankfully she isn’t in all that often.

Maybe I’m not target audience for a movie like this. At the screening I went too, about 75% of the audience was women and all of them were laughing through the entire movie. The critic’s row was dead silent.

Don’t see The Other Woman. Avoid it at all costs.

The Other Woman gets 1/5.


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