Review: A Voice In The Dark #6

Review of: A Voice In The Dark #6
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Larime Taylor

A Voice In The Dark #6

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On April 16, 2014
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There isn’t much of The Killing Game left to play, so it will be fascinating to see where Taylor takes things.

“KILLING GAME,” Part Four With Zoey plotting murder once again, she needs to get close to her prey and learn all she can. That means going undercover to the Sorority Halloween party. But is Zoey the only killer in costume?

The Killing Game continues this month in the pages of A Voice In The Dark #6. The story is written, and drawn by mouth, by Larime Taylor. Duncan Eagleson serves as the story editor with Aroihkin Kay stepping in as a production assistant. The Killing Game has been a good, but slow burn so far. How does part 4 measure up?

Zoey has finally given into her dark urges and admitted that she’s going to kill again. Instead of just going out and doing it, she has decided to plan this one out and really work on it from the ground up. Her target is Mandy Jenkins, the head sorority girl who has been causing everyone so much trouble lately. As Zoey goes about planning the specifics, some unique opportunities present themselves. With another killer on the loose, will Zoey have some competition? Will she be able to plan for all the variables? Can she pull this murder off and get away scot free as she has done several times before?

Taylor writes another complex and dramatic issue. This one deals with some serious issues, but he handles it with care and class. Taylor presents some terrifically fleshed out characters that don’t fall into stereotypical types when it comes to stories like this. Characters and world building is Taylor’s strong suit, and the series as a whole proves that wonderfully. Taylor has also really found his groove with the art. He’s added new bits and bobs to each character and really made them more distinct. The costume party is a chance for him to really cut loose as well.

Bottom Line: A Voice In The Dark is a dramatic and heavy story that feels like a TV show in comic book form. There isn’t much of The Killing Game left to play, so it will be fascinating to see where Taylor takes things. 4/5

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