Review: A Voice In The Dark #5

Review of: A Voice In The Dark #5
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Larime Taylor

A Voice In The Dark #5

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On March 19, 2014
Last modified:March 19, 2014


Taylor presents a thinking man’s story full of rich characters.

“KILLING GAME,” Part Three- With the fallout of the sorority party piling up all around her, will Zoey finally give in to her urges and start planning for murder?

The Killing Game enters round three this month in A Voice in the Dark #5 from Larime Taylor. The issue is written and drawn, by mouth, by Taylor. A Voice in the Dark has been a dark and impressive drama full of great characterization and strong female leads, but how are things measuring up five issues into the run?

Zoey is having to deal with the fallout from her disastrous night at Krista’s sorority party. Zoey and Ash got into an altercation with the spoiled and rather despicable head of the sorority. That caused some problems for Krista, obviously, but there were some unforeseen consequences as well. Mandy is out for blood, and Ash is her first target. Mandy knows all the dirt on everyone so taking a shot at Ash isn’t too hard. Zoey is a new arrival at the college and keeps to herself of the most part. That makes her a more challenging target for Mandy. The mysterious murderer is still on the loose and Zoey is dealing with her own urges to kill again. Things have been boiling for a while, but thinks might start spilling over if things keep going like they’re going for Zoey. Can she keep her urges in check? Will Mandy be her undoing in more ways than one?

Taylor writes another strong issue. This is a heavy and layered character piece full of drama. Taylor’s strongpoint is characterization and fleshing out the world in which his rich characters live in, and he does that each and every issue. This is an oddly structured story in that sense, and it’s refreshing to see it breaking the cookie cutter mold of most modern comics. This is slow burn material on the level of True Detective. It does look like things will finally explode next issue though. The art gets stronger and stronger as well. Taylor does it all by mouth, but you can tell he’s getting more and more comfortable with the world. His characters are crisper, well rounded, and incredibly expressive. Zoey’s body language tells a story in and of itself.

Bottom Line: A Voice in the Dark is still flying under a lot of people’s radars, and it astounds me. This is a unique book that’s well worth picking up. Taylor presents a thinking man’s story full of rich characters. 4/5

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