Review: A Voice In The Dark #4

Review of: A Voice In The Dark #4
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Larime Taylor

A Voice In The Dark #4

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On February 19, 2014
Last modified:February 19, 2014


A Voice in the Dark is a really dramatic and gripping story that defies labels.

“KILLING GAME,” Part Two. When serial killers rub elbows with sorority girls at frat parties, will Zoey come to the conclusion that some people need to be killed?

The Killing Game continues this month in A Voice in the Dark #4 from Larime Taylor. The issue is written and drawn, by mouth, by Taylor. A Voice in the Dark has been a dark and weighty drama full of great characterization, but how does the fourth outing fare?

There is a killer on the loose. Someone is gutting well to do college students and leaving behind a Polaroid to commemorate the crime. Zoey’s uncle, the hotshot detective, can’t make heads nor tells of what’s going on but he knows they have to catch the guy responsible. Meanwhile Zoey is having some problems of her own that are just as serious. Roommate Krista is buttering everyone up with illegally made dorm pancakes to try and convince them to come to her sorority mixer. There’s nothing that could convince goth chick Ash and sassy Mona to agree to go, but Zoey starts to cave. Ash agrees to go as moral support. When they get to the party, things take a dramatic turn as queen bee Mandy gives everyone good reason to hate her. How does Zoey cope with her dark desires? She’s been having a lot of moral discussions in class about life and death, but will that have any effect on her urges?

Taylor writes a very strong issue. There is a lot of meaty questions about morality and the value of life explored in Zoey’s class that relates not only to the story about her being a secret killer, but the comic book itself and our culture that glorifies excess and violence. Taylor is a master at characterization. Everyone has their own distinct voices and the world of this college and small town are perfectly fleshed out. Taylor also handles things that could easily be overblown and twisted in a tasteful manner. This is a college based True Detective/Dexter/CSI played out in comic book form. The technique of using an opening in the present and then showing what happens does take a bit of the punch out of some of the story’s developments later on, but it does work as a nice framing device overall.  Taylor has also really hit his stride with the art. He may draw it with his mouth due to his disability, but you can see how he’s grown and become more comfortable with the characters. Everything looks much sleeker and smoother.

Bottom Line: A Voice in the Dark is a really dramatic and gripping story that defies labels. This is a great character series with a nice hook. It seems like we’re about to dive into the recent string of murders as well as what Zoey’s been doing during her ‘relapse’ moments. 4/5

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