Review: A Voice In The Dark #2

Review of: A Voice In The Dark
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Larime Taylor

A Voice In The Dark

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On December 18, 2013
Last modified:December 17, 2013


A Voice In The Dark is a grim, gritty, and often chilling look at the dark side of human nature.

“BLOOD MAKES NOISE” Zoey’s talk radio show will become a deadly public forum for her twisted listeners before she will even know what hit her.

Larime Taylor is back this month with the new Image and Top Cow series that completely sold out with its debut issue. The creator-owned series that sees a young girl trying to run away from her past and her urge to kill again while she tries to adjust to college life. Larime handles all the writing, lettering, and art. The first issue was a strong start. How does the next installment fare?

Zoey is doing her first live radio broadcast at her new college. Her first caller was a prank, but things get a little more serious when a young girl calls with a problem. The caller is a high schooler who has controlling parents and a few dark secrets of her own. Seeing no other escape, she wants to take matters into her own hands. Zoey quickly loops her uncle Zeke, a cop, into the conversation via text message. The clock is ticking but Zoey has to keep the caller talking long enough for Zeke to figure out who she is and where she lives. The caller has a gun in her hand and she’s going to pull the trigger. Does the caller find the answer she needs while on the radio program? How does this human drama play out on the airwaves?

Taylor writes a more dramatic and tenser issue. This one is a thriller from page one onward. The stakes are real and we’re not sure how the end will play out until it actually happens. Taylor pulls off the rare surprising ending in a comic. The first issue was an over-sized introduction, but this follows right along with issue #1. These two installments really set things up and introduce us to Zoey. The character work, in both the story and the art, is Taylor’s strongpoint. This is a thriller, but people are standing and sitting around talking. Taylor keeps things interesting and moving right along though.

Bottom Line: A Voice In The Dark is a grim, gritty, and often chilling look at the dark side of human nature. This takes all the dramatics and struggle of shows like Dexter and Criminal Minds and puts it in a comic book wrapping. Taylor has really pulled readers in with the first two issues and it will be interesting to see where he takes readers from there. 4.5/5

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