Review: Veil #3

Review of: Veil #3
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Greg Rucka
Dark Horse

Veil #3

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On May 7, 2014
Last modified:May 7, 2014


Veil is a giant mystery series that leaves you craving more.

When Veil’s only ally is ripped away from her, she’s left at the mercy of a mysterious and powerful enemy. Could this stranger know who Veil is? Why is he pursuing her? The truth is more terrifying than you can imagine.

We get another look behind the curtain of the big, magical mystery writer Greg Rucka has crafted for Dark Horse this week in the pages of Veil #3. Joining Rucka is artist Toni Fejzula and letterer Nate Piekos of BLAMBOT. Veil has been a beautifully drawn mystery that gives us the smallest of bread crumbs about the truth each month. How does the third entry in the new series measure up?

The mysterious Cormac has set up in what appears to be an old, abandoned church. We know the blue-haired villain is capable of some truly amazing and dark acts, but now we get a glimpse of just how powerful he truly is. The even more mysterious organization that hired Cormac for his particular set of skills are unhappy with his services and are trying to clean up the mess he has created. That’s not going so well. Meanwhile, Veil is alone. With her only friend in the world now gone, Veil is easier to manipulate. That’s exactly what Cormac is betting on. What is really going on with Veil? What are Cormac’s plans for the girl? Will she ever find out who she really is?

Rucka writes a darker and more focused story this month. Veil takes a back seat as we see some of the larger machinations in play. We get even more hints and clues as to what’s going on and what Veil’s origins are, but this is still one giant mystery. Stories like this usually fall into two categories: maddeningly vague or intriguing. Rucka finds a middle ground that leaves you maddeningly intrigued. We get the tiniest of looks behind the veil without the mystery leaving you exasperated. Fejzula’s art is the real star of the series once again. I’ve been calling the artist’s style graffiti-like, but it also has a painted glass feel to it as well. This comes into play with Cormac’s base of operations. The color and the style give Veil a vibe no other book out there has. The rat fight, yes a rat fight, is utterly astounding to behold.

Bottom Line: Veil is a giant mystery series that leaves you craving more. While Rucka’s story keeps you hooked, Fejzula’s art is what really keeps you coming back month in and month out. 4/5

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