Review: Veil #2

Review of: Veil #2
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Greg Rucka
Dark Horse

Veil #2

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On April 2, 2014
Last modified:April 2, 2014


Veil is a very intriguing story that leaves you with a ton of questions.

A conjuring doesn’t work out as planned, and one man’s life is in danger . . . but when you have the powers of the devil at your fingertips, how bad can it get? Double-crossed and angry, the mystery man is on the hunt . . . and Veil is his target.

Greg Rucka’s new Dark Horse series continues this month in the pages of Veil #2. Joining Rucka for the story is artist Toni Fejzula and letterer Nate Piekos of BLAMBOT. The first issue was a weird and mysterious story about a girl who calls herself Veil. It was a strong entry that teased readers enough to guarantee a return trip, but how does issue #2 hold up?

Veil and Dante are on the run. When last we saw Veil, she had somhow managed to get the group of thugs who were after her to turn their guns on themselves. With three dead bodies outside of his apartment, Dante knows it is time to lay low. The duo duck into an all-night diner and hope the cops don’t show up. Meanwhile a man named Cormac is performing some dark and mystical arts. Cormac has made some sort of deal with an even more mysterious and powerful figure who thinks Cormac is just a con man. When the dark art are at your disposal, a man in a suit doesn’t scare you much. Unfortunately for Veil and Dante, the cops decide it’s a good time to get a quick bite to eat. It seems that everyone wants Veil. Why do they want this strange young lady? Why are the cops so interested in Dante? Who or what is Cormac?

Rucka writes another interesting story that peels back another layer of the mystery behind Veil. There are a few clues dropped as to what’s going on, but there are a few more questions raised. It takes a good storyteller to make such a layered and complex mystery, and Rucka is just the man to do it. He manages to pull you in and makes you hang on each panel for answers or at least another clue. Fejzula’s art is the real standout of the series so far. He has a very unique style that has an almost graffiti-like feel to it. The more supernatural elements look gorgeous when rendered by the artist. There are a few big, explosive scenes in the issue, and Fejzula pulls them off in an amazingly beautiful fashion. You will flip back through the issue three or four times to just to stare at the art.

Bottom Line: Veil is a very intriguing story that leaves you with a ton of questions. We’re starting to see a little bit more of the larger picture, and it looks like Rucka has some really exciting things in store. 4/5

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