Review: Uncanny #6

Review of: Uncanny #6
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Andy Diggle

Uncanny #6

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On February 12, 2014
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Uncanny #6 leaves us with more questions than answers, but there’s enough here that makes your return for season two a very safe bet.

When both sides are gunning for you, keep your head down and play them off against each other. That’s Weaver’s only chance to get out alive. If he runs, he’ll lose his last chance to discover the truth about his own origins. But if he stand his ground, he might just find there’s a worse fate than death awaiting the Specials…

The first season of Uncanny ends this week with the final chapter of Season of Hungry Ghosts in issue #6. The story is written by Andy Diggle with art by Aaron Campbell. Bill Crabtree handles colors with Simon Bowland handling lettering. We’ve been starting to get a better understanding of “Specials” and how some of their powers work, but how do things come together now that season one is coming to a close?

Weaver and Ford have been captured and are being experimented on by Dr. De Santos. Weaver has had a lot of time to think and piece things together in his holding cell, but Ford has been put through unimaginable torture and “tests” to try and determine the limits of her power. Styles, the mysterious benefactor who had Weaver and Ford go on the mission that led to their capture, has started to infiltrate the facility. As we learned last month, he has a few special abilities of his own. Weaver may have an opportunity to escape, but if he does he may never get the answers he’s looking for. Who is the mystery guest in the cell next to him? What is the source and extent of everyone’s powers? Why is everyone at the facility so curious about the ‘specials?’

Diggle writes an action-packed issue. There are a few answers to some of the questions set up in the previous five issues and a few new questions are raised, but this is largely a gigantic action scene involving Styles breaking in and Weaver and company trying to get out. There’s still a lot of stuff left to wonder about, but the big cliffhanger at the end leaves you questioning what is really going on. Campbell’s art is great. The action sequences and Campbell’s attention to detail make some really great movie-quality moments. The stuff inside the facility requires some heavy lifting though. The entire interior is a sleek and sterile environment, so it’s hard to make it look interesting outside of the characters inhabiting the rooms. Crabtree’s colors are once again a great asset. The outside looks warm and tropical while the inside is bathed in a red light as the facility is put in lockdown. Crabtree and Campbell’s efforts go hand in hand incredibly well.

Bottom Line: Uncanny #6 leaves us with more questions than answers, but there’s enough here that makes your return for season two a very safe bet. Uncanny has gone from brilliant to pretty good over the course of these six issues, but the end is a big explosive action sequence that leaves the story elements for later. 3.5/5

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