Review: Uncanny #4

Review of: Uncanny #4
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Andy Diggle

Uncanny #4

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On October 23, 2013
Last modified:October 23, 2013


This is old school movie action at its finest.

A well-laid plan goes all to hell when Weaver smells a rat… but only too late does he realize that he’s the bait in the trap. He’s about to learn why “specials” always work alone, though sticking together might be their only chance to get out alive…

Dynamite’s new crime comic with a super powered twist comes back in a big way this week. Uncanny #4 sees Weaver and Maggie pulling off the job they’ve been persuaded into doing. The story is written by Andy Diggle with art from Aaron Campbell. Bill Crabtree handles colors with Simon Bowland providing lettering. Uncanny has been a good series so far, but does Diggle bring the action when it’s time for the big job?

Weaver is back in the one place in the world he hoped he’d never have to return, New York. After being saved by Maggie in Singapore for trying to weasel out of a gambling debt, Weaver was smuggled out of the country and back to the Big Apple. His mysterious benefactors knew all about his special powers and even employed a few “specials” of their own. They’ve coerced Weaver into stealing a very special briefcase that will be arriving in the city attached to the wrist of Doctor Felix De Santos. Today is the day of the big heist. Maggie and Weaver have a plan to get the suitcase while it’s in transit, but they’re going to need a wheelman. Weaver has a few ideas of how they can get the skills they need. When Weaver and Maggie spring their trap, they may just find out some things going according to the plan could be the worst thing that could happen.

Diggle writes the most action-packed and intense issue yet. This is nonstop action from the opening scene to the final reveal. The story is fast-paced and focuses almost entirely on the heist. Think Gone in 60 Seconds/Steve McQueen with that super power twist we’ve already been introduced to. Campbell’s art is stellar. The art has been good from the beginning, but things are really tightened up this time around. The character work is great, but Campbell is a good action director. Car chases are always hard to do in comics, but Campbell pulls it off with a skill that’s only been seen recently in something like Hawkeye. Crabtree’s colors are a great compliment to the art. Things are really grounded and not too bright except for the backgrounds for real close-up panels of characters.

Bottom Line: Uncanny lives up to its name with this issue. This is old school movie action at its finest. There isn’t a lot of new developments with the story, but it’s a satisfying read nonetheless. Diggle tones down the powers and turns up the drama for this one. 4.5/5


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