Review: Uncanny #3

Review of: Uncanny #3
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Andy Diggle

Uncanny #3

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On August 28, 2013
Last modified:August 28, 2013


Uncanny gives us another new twist with each issue.

Professional thief-for-hire Weaver is introduced to the mysterious arms dealer Deacon Styles, who has a proposition for him. All he has to do is steal a briefcase. But why bring a man of such unique abilities halfway round the world for such a lowball heist? Something doesn’t add up, because Weaver isn’t the only one in Deacon’s crew with uncanny abilities…

Andy Diggles new crime story with a slight superhero twist rolls on this week with the release of issue #3. Joining Diggle is artist Aaron Campbell, colorist Bill Crabtree, and letterer Simon Bowland. Uncanny is off to a good start, but do things keep rolling along three issues in?

After nearly getting killed in Singapore for dodging a debt incurred in a casino, Weaver has found himself partnered up with the mysterious Maggie. She helps facilitate Weaver’s escape from Singapore and says that her employer has a job he’d like to talk to Weaver about. As the duo fly to Manhattan, Weaver starts to press Maggie for details about her employer and what kind of man he is. After waiting for hours in an odd reception room, Weaver finally meets his benefactor. Deacon Styles is an arms dealer who knows a thing or two about people with abilities like Weaver and Maggie. A briefcase holding more answers about their kind is about to enter New York. Weaver and Maggie are tasked with stealing it. But what is really going on with the mysterious Deacon Styles? Can Weaver trust him? What is this Cadre he’s hearing about?

Diggle writes another great story. Uncanny has been a twist on a familiar idea, but this issue it gets twisted even more. The scope is even larger as Weaver goes from dodging casino goons to working for an international arms dealer. Things are stepped up to an entirely new level. Imagine the Bourne films with a dash of Heroes (like season 1 when it was good) and a splash of Ocean’s 11. Campbell’s art is great as always. This issue is largely people having conversations, but Campbell does fantastic character work and really sells the emotions on the character’s faces. Brabtree’s colors are subdued and compliment Campbell’s art perfectly.

Bottom Line: Uncanny gives us another new twist with each issue. Just when you think you know what Diggle is going to do next, he turns everything on its head. It seems like we’re getting answers on what Weaver’s supposed to do and why he’s caught the interest of Styles. The heist is coming up, and I for one cannot wait. 4/5

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