Review: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #2

Review of: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #2
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Greg Pak

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #2

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On March 5, 2014
Last modified:March 5, 2014


After an explosive first issue, the second installment starts to play the human drama out a little more.

THE GOLD KEY UNIVERSE CONTINUES! It is 1210 AD, and destructive invaders – both reptilian and human – have ravaged Turok’s land. Will the outcast Turok defend the tribe that shunned him, or side with these freakish new warriors? Prepare for history-twisting carnage from superstar GREG PAK (Batman/Superman) and MIRKO COLAK (Conan)!

Dynamite’s newly launched Turok series continues this month with the release of issue #2. The story is written by Greg Pak with art by Mirko Colak and Cory Smith. Lauren Affe handles colors with Marshall Dillon providing lettering. The first issue was a bit hit, but how does the next installment fare?

It’s 1210 AD and strange invaders have taken over Turok’s homeland. He has been an outcast from his tribe for his entire life, but now some religious zealot conquerors with an army of dinosaurs have imprisoned his tribe and planted their flag and claimed the place for England. Only Turok and his lifelong nemesis Andar are fee. The duo must decide if they can put aside their differences and work together to save their people or if Turok’s animosity for the tribe that turned their back on him will make him want to turn on Andar and help the Crusaders. No matter what Turok decides, there are dinosaurs out in the wilderness and they have no loyalty. Will Turok save his tribe or will a lifetime of hurt make him abandon them much like they did him when he was a boy?

Pak writes an issue devoted to the invaders and the decision Turok has to make on whether or not he and Adnar will strike at the superior force and try to save the tribe. It unfolds rather quickly and mainly serves to flesh out the despicable Crusaders and their way of coming in and running roughshod over everything. Turok isn’t a dinosaur hunter this month, though there is a promise of a massive fight to come. Colak handled the art for the first issue, but now he gets a hand from Smith. When another artist comes in, that means the look of the book will be changed up somewhat. Things loose some of their finer details and the characters look younger and the features are smoother than the introductory installment. That’s not better or worse, but there is a vast difference between Turok #1 and Turok #2. Affe’s colors look brighter and crisper with the smoother and more streamlined art.

Bottom Line: After an explosive first issue, the second installment starts to play the human drama out a little more as we see Turok conflicted as to what he should do regarding the Crusaders taking over the tribe that abandoned him. The slight change in pace and the art changes do effect things ever so slightly. 3/5

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