Review: To Hell You Ride #1


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A deadly curse plagues a small town, melting the flesh from its victims–the violent revenge four warriors set in motion when their sacred burial grounds were disturbed for the sake of gold miners’ greed!

To Hell You Ride is a new horror series written by actor Lance Henriksen (Aliens) and Joseph Maddrey with art by Tom Mandrake. The series is a horror story that explores Native American myths and legends. Should you check this comic out or should it ride off into the sunset?

The story’s main character is Seven George, who everyone calls Two-Dogs. He is a Native American who is going through life listlessly. While we check in with him, the story balances between telling the legend of the four warriors who became The Watchers. There is also a segment about Two-Dogs grandfather, Five George. The three stories all weave together to set up what we see happen by the time the cliffhanger comes around.

With three stories and 32 pages, things don’t get explored and elaborated on too well. While it is only a first issue in a series, it feels like the reader is thrown into things they won’t really understand until later. Other than a slight disjointed feeling, Henriksen and Maddrey craft a rich Native American tale that sets up a lot of interesting concepts. Tom Mandrake’s art works perfectly with the Native American mythology that is put forth. The flashbacks and myth being told are handled wonderfully. Mandrak renders an amazing night sky.

Bottom Line: Although not perfect, To Hell You Ride sets up a story of revenge and greed with a dash of horror and Native American myths and legends. The first issue definitely intrigues you enough to want to check back in and the art nearly locks in the fact you’ll return. The first issue is a bit of a rough ride, but it seems like it will be a wild adventure 3.5/5

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