Review: The Walking Dead #109

Review of: Walking Dead #109
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Robert Kirkman

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On April 10, 2013
Last modified:April 10, 2013


There’s a lot of work with the story development, but this issue just stumbles along aimlessly aimlessly like one of the Walkers.

Maggie and Sophia pick up the pieces and continue their lives at the Hilltop.

The Walking Dead may be taking a break from our TVs, but the comic rolls on this month with the release of its 109th issue. As always, the story is written by Robert Kirkman with art from Charlie Adlard. Cliff Rathburn provides cover colors and grey tones, and Rus Wooton handles lettering. Are Rick and the gang still preparing for their war with Negan?

walking dead coverThe story opens in the Hilltop community as Maggie is visiting the grave of the recently murdered Glenn. While she’s mourning and paying her respects, she is visited by a resident named Brianna. The two then begin to talk about what it means to lose somebody and to grieve in the world they now find themselves in. We then see a few scenes of how Maggie and Sophia are dealing with their new lives in the new community. The two are having a bit of a heart-to-heart when Jesus sneaks into their room. He has been sent by Rick to get Maggie to help them keep an eye on the community as Rick and the gang continue to prepare for the clash with Negan. Jesus then starts making the rounds in the town as he tries to help Rick carry out his plan. We of course get a glimpse at Rick as he talks to both Andrea and Michonne about what’s going on.

Kirkman writes a strong scene in the opening as Maggie talks to Brianna. That’s the highlight of this issue. Everything else feels like it’s killing the momentum the story was actually gaining last issue. Jesus is running around doing a lot of talking as he tries to see who will lend their help as they go to war with Negan. Kirkman has made an interesting story with Negan, but the last several issues are like a kid learning to drive. Lots of gas and then a hard hit on the brakes. There is still some Walking Dead magic, but it feels like we’re starting to nosedive into your regular rebuilding after the apocalypse series. Adlard’s art is good. He’s been around the block several times. There aren’t many more good things you can say that haven’t already been said.

Bottom Line: Kirkman hits hard with the opening scene, then he just walks off and lets you catch your breath. The Negan story has been trundling along like a zombie, but hopefully Kirkman can save it before he needs to put it out of its misery 3/5

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