Review: The Untold Tales Of Dog Mendonca & PizzaBoy


Flanked by his demonic assistant Pazuul and the “unpaid intern” known as PizzaBoy, overweight Portuguese werewolf “Dog” Mendonça narrates his own bizarre origin story, taking us from a traveling circus to a Nazi laboratory to the depths of Loch Ness! And when we catch up with the present-day Mendonça, can his team adjust to the new fame and outrageous fortune that come from being published by Dark Horse Comics? Bite into the raucous adventure that was first serialized in Dark Horse Presents—now in one comic!

The Untold Tales of Dog Mendonca & PizzaBoy, written by Filipe Melo with Juan Cavia on art and Santiago Villa on colors collects the tales told in Dark Horse Presents about the unique origin story of the Portuguese werewolf “Dog.” The stories that appeared in several Dark Horse Presents are collected in one convenient collection with this one-shot, but the question is should you give it a shot?

The story starts off with Dog and PizzaBoy the unpaid intern celebrating their big payday from Dark Horse to tell the world about their adventures. Also celebrating with the two is the other partner, a little girl who chain smokes but is actually a six thousand year old demon named Pazuul. Mendonca takes us on a journey as he tells his origin story, starting out as a little baby raised by his father and six sisters after his mother’s death during childbirth. As everyone knows, the male sibling of six sisters is cursed to be a werewolf. And then as anybody else would do, his father and sister form a traveling act of showing off the werewolf boy. This is the rare instance where it isn’t purely exploitative, Dog loves his family and they love him. Then you have the inevitable instance of Nazis coming to take the werewolf boy to a camp of other monsters and freaks. It’s a story that you hear all the time….ok, I guess you don’t. The story is broken up into several segments because it ran through installments in Dark Horse Presents.

The overall story is great, and is a really witty commentary on the comics industry with more story twists and product placements than you can shake a stick at. Melo breaks the fourth wall with all the characters so often it would put Deadpool to shame. It is used to great effect though. The art is stunning. Cavia draws beautiful art with some cartoon elements which is lifted by Villa’s colors. The tones set with the colors enhance the serious segments of an overall comedic story.

Bottom Line: The Untold Tales of Dog Mendonca & PizzaBoy is a great collection telling the origins of Dog as well as a few witty bookend stories that show off the books excellent humor. The shifts from comedy to serious storytelling are done perfectly and don’t feel startling. If you’re a fan of Mendonca or a first time reader, this is a great story 4/5.

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