Review: The Shadow #16

Review of: The Shadow #16
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Chris Roberson

The Shadow #16

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On August 7, 2013
Last modified:August 7, 2013


Roberson has quickly turned The Shadow into a can’t miss series.

The Shadow unravels the mystery of The Light, but each new answer only serves to raise new questions. Her mission leads innocent men and women to their deaths, and the next target on her list is The Shadow himself!

The Shadow’s war with the light rolls on this week in The Shadow #16. The story is written by Chris Roberson with art by Giovanni Timpano. Fabricio Guerra handles colors and Rob Steen tackles lettering. The Light has been a fantastic arc so far. Does this issue keep burning bright, or has darkness fallen?

The story opens with another flashback sequence that shows us how The Light was trained and indoctrinated into becoming the weapon of Justice we see in the present. She is practicing her fencing skills with a priest who teaches her a valuable lesson about good and evil. The shaping of The Light’s sense of morals with no room for ambiguity becomes clearer with each piece of her story we see each month. In the present, The Shadow is following a lead on the first of The Light’s victims. He finally finds the break in the case he’s been searching so hard for. He phones up Margo to fill her in on the developments and assign her a task, but The Light comes busting through the window of Margo’s apartment. The Shadow has to race to try and save Margo. The Shadow has had no luck stopping The Light up until now. Can he get there in time to save Margo? Will The Shadow’s gal pal stall the sword wielding assassin long enough?

Roberson writes another great entry into The Light arc. We’re seeing a villainess that The Shadow isn’t 10 steps ahead of. The Shadow has faced many great threats, but he usually stays on top of it and gets the job done. He’s failed at saving anyone’s life so far and he’s not even able to find out much about The Light’s real identity. There’s a real sense of tension and danger to the story. We assume Margo and The Shadow are safe, but now we’re starting to get that little itch in the back of our minds that they may not be. Timpano’s art is fantastic this issue. He does some amazing things with the panel layouts when The Shadow and Margo are talking on the phone. His old photograph scrapbook style flashbacks are excellent as always. There are numerous little touches and tricks with the panel layout that really impresses. Guerra’s colors help elevate the whole deal and really helps sell the tone with The Light’s brightness and The Shadows…well, shadows.

Bottom Line: Roberson has quickly turned The Shadow into a can’t miss series. The Light is a formidable foe for The Shadow and we’re not entirely sure our hero will pull it off. Roberson has injected some much needed thrill and tension into The Shadow. 4.5/5

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