Review: The Shadow #15


The Shadow has come face-to-face with the killer known as “The Light,” and barely managed to survive. Who is this mysterious woman? Where has she come from? And how has she gained mystic skills and martial abilities that make her a match for The Shadow himself?

shadowThe Shadow barely survived his battle against the Light last month. Our hero tries to regroup and go on the offensive in this week’s The Shadow #15. The story is from writer Chris Roberson with art by Giovanni Timpano. Fabricio Guerra handles colors and Rob Steen provides lettering. So has Roberson served up another pulse-pounding story, or do things start to slip into darkness?

The story opens with another flashback to The Light’s childhood. We saw her troubled home life, but now we get a look at the schooling that started to mold her mind and body into the righteous instrument of judgment. A brief encounter with a farm boy who stole two pastries give us insight into her mindset and how The Light started believing there is right and wrong with absolutely no grey areas. In the present, Shadow pays officer Cardona a visit so he can get some information on a murder before all The Light slayings started. A Frenchman was knifed down in the streets, but the police don’t see is as connecting to the larger massacre. The Shadow sees a connection there which requires his full attention. Our hero and his agents, including his gal pal Margo, start to look for clues and even infiltrate the hospital where the latest victim of The Light met a grisly fate. As things start to come together, The Shadow starts to connect the dots and starts going back on the offensive. He’s ready to take the fight back to The Light, but could she already be bringing the fight to The Shadow’s very own door?

Roberson writes another fantastic issue. This story gives us a lot more Shadow than the previous outings. Roberson writes both Lamont and Shadow well, but he always leaves you craving just a little more of the scarfed vigilante. The Shadow was utterly defeated last month, but we see him regroup and start to get ahead of the game a little again. Roberson really nails down the hero and his cast of friends and agents. Timpano’s art is the best of the story arc so far. He still has the occasional oddly angled neck and head, but he really gives the characters more defining facial features this issue. That’s been my only real complaint with the art, but it seems things have tightened up and Guerra’s colors help elevate Timpano’s style by using even more shadows.

Bottom Line: The Shadow with Chris Roberson has turned into a can’t miss series. The Shadow has met a villain every bit his equal in The Light, and we’re not sure he’ll be able to pull off a victory as stylish and flawless as he is usually able to do. The stake have been raised. 4/5

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