Review: The Shadow #12

Review of: The Shadow #12
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Victor Gischler

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On April 24, 2013
Last modified:April 24, 2013


The Shadow #12 is a solid one-shot story that shows us how The Shadow deals with crime.

When robbers use deadly tactics to commit a series of bank holdups, The Shadow scours the underbelly of Manhattan to find the culprits. Will his plan to put together his own robbery trap the criminals or simply lead to another murderous bank heist. The Shadow Knows!

The final issue of Victor Gischler’s run on The Shadow hits this week. The Shadow #12 ends one chapter of the story as we gear up for the next one to unfold next month. The story is written by Gischler with art from Giovanni Timpano. Ivan Nunes provides colors with Rob Steen handling letters. So what’s the verdict as this era comes to a close?

The story opens with a violent bank robbery. A group of thugs operate by killing the guard with a gut shot at the start of the holdup to instill fear and assure compliance. As we see one robbery unfold from beginning to eshadow covernd, we flash to Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane having dinner. Lamont is reading about the heist in the newspaper, and as you can imagine he finds it troubling. Once again Margo must take second place as Lamont goes off to find out information on the robbery as The Shadow. Our hero checks in with every piece of scum in Manhattan as he tries to figure out who is behind the deadly robberies. He devises a trap to catch all the rats in one big trap, but he’s going to need some help from the police. But when the plan hinges on a prostitute following The Shadow’s orders, can he pull off his plan or will it all fall down around his ears?

Gischler writes a straightforward story. There’s a bank robbery, The Shadow finds out about it, The Shadow scours the criminal element for info, The Shadow devises a plan to stop it. There are no big twists and turns, but you’re not exactly sure how the end will unfold until you get there. A big arc just wrapped up and there was one more issue needed before a new writer came in. It’s a solid effort from Gischler and a satisfying story to boot. We get the fact that The Shadow deals with crime with a hard fist. There are no happy endings for bad guys. The Shadow will take you down hard. Timpano’s art is very sleek and slightly stylized. It works well with the story, save for a handful of panels where the character’s heads are held at odd angles. Nunes’ does a good job with the colors, especially with the silky textures we see like The Shadow’s cape for example.

Bottom Line: The Shadow #12 is a solid one-shot story that shows us how The Shadow deals with crime. It’s one of those self-contained stories you get before a new story arc kicks off. It has a strong finish, but it doesn’t go out on a high note 3/5

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