Review: The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #4

Review of: The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #4
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Roger Langridge and J. Bone

The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #4

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On May 8, 2013
Last modified:May 8, 2013


Hollywood Horror closes out another impressive Rocketeer miniseries from IDW. Langridge and J Bone presented a thoroughly enjoyable story from beginning to end that can be described best as ‘fun.’

Betty in deadly danger! The great and the good of Hollywood under the control of Otto Rune! And the Rocketeer without the jet-pack he’s come to depend upon! And, just when Cliff Secord thought things couldn’t get any worse… enter the Dark Lord himself, Sh’oggoth! The thrilling climax… in the grand pulp tradition!

The Hollywood Horror comes to a close this month with the release of the miniseries 4th chapter. The Rocketeer’s newest adventure has been written by Roger Langridge with art by J Bone. Jordie Bellaire handles colors with Tom B. Long providing lettering. The Hollywood Horror has been flying pretty high with the previous installments, so does the finale keep thing soaring or is this a crash landing Cliff can’t survive?

When last we saw our hero, he was working his way to Betty. His best gal was in the clutches of Otto Rune and he was going to use her to help sell his big presentation for the power players in Hollywood. Rune was trying to milk Hollywood’s bright young things for all they were worth with the help of his hypnotic abilities and the Dark Lord Sh’oggoth. Rune has a huge beast as part of his presentation. Betty has angered the dark lord, and people are about to see what happens when you don’t do as Rune says. The only way the actors and actresses can be saved is to give Rune all the money they can. Cliff is down a jet-pack, but Peevy had been working on a model of his own. With Cliff rocking an unreliable rocket, he barely arrives on the scene in one piece. Things go from bad to worse as Cliff has to fight his way through a group of goons to get at the pint-sized Rune. Cliff is on the ropes when an unlikely source provides him with a second wind. Cliff crashes in on the party and it’s time for the final showdown between The Rocketeer and the charlatan Dr. Rune. There are other strings to tie-up before the finale, but can Cliff even make it that far as he tries to save Betty?

Langridge writes a stellar final issue. The series as a whole has been a big adventure with plenty of laughs, and Langridge is able to do that while still providing a story that puts a bow on everything. Langridge peppers in plenty of old Hollywoodland stars into the background this time around as well. If you’re a big movie buff, you’ll recognize plenty of the faces in the crowd at Rune’s gathering. One thing you have to commend both Langridge and J Bone on for the series has been pulling off some great slapstick humor. The series as a whole has had some great comedic moments, I mean heck the story is narrated by Groucho Marx. J Bone has done another fantastic job with this issue’s art. His style works perfectly with the big action/pulp story taking place in Hollywood’s more glamorous days. Jordie Bellaire helps elevate the art with her visually stunning color palate.

Bottom Line: Hollywood Horror closes out another impressive Rocketeer miniseries from IDW. Langridge and J Bone presented a thoroughly enjoyable story from beginning to end that can be described best as ‘fun.’ Whether you read it monthly or are waiting for the trade, this was one Rocketeer story you can’t miss 4.5/5

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