Review: The Owl #2

Review of: The Owl #2
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J.T. Krul

The Owl #2

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On August 7, 2013
Last modified:August 7, 2013


The Owl is a good new story for Dynamite’s pulp line-up, but it feels to be moving a little too slow.

The Owl is stunned by a blast from the past when Owl Girl shows up on the scene. But this can’t be the same woman he partnered up with all those years ago. She died. So who is this mysterious new Owl Girl? And where did she get her violent streak from?

The second installment of Dynamite’s new four issue miniseries reintroducing The Owl hits comic book shelves today. The story is written by J.T. Krul with illustrations by Heubert Khan Michael. Marshall Dillon handles lettering and Vinicius Andrade tackles colors. The first issue got things off to a solid start. Does this month’s issue soar to new heights or are things on cruise control?

Last time we saw The Owl, he was dumbstruck to see a lady swoop in on the mob wearing a variation of Belle’s Owl Girl suit. Since The Owl was released from captivity after 50 years, he knew the love of his life had passed away. He’s homesick for his own time and can’t quite cope with the world he finds himself in now. The sight of a new Owl Girl had him questioning a lot of things. The majority of this issue deals with the revelation of who the Owl Girl really is and what connection she may or may not have with Belle. I won’t spoil that for you, but it’s not too awful hard to guess how the new Owl Girl is tied in to Belle, the original Owl Girl. The two Owls have a clash over their morals on how to handle bad guys and what should be done with their stolen items. Just when things started to look up, a philosophical battle leaves The Owl alone again. We also get a little teaser of the larger evil at work and some of the danger in store for The Owls. Is anyone safe? Did The Owl survive 50 years of purgatory only to be taken out in his own city?

Krul writes another apt issue. The story is moved along and we get the reveal of who the new Owl Girl is. With this being a four issue miniseries, things seem to be moving pretty slow. We’re just now getting a small, small taste of what the bigger threat of the story is and even then it’s not enough to leave you feeling afraid for our hero. Michael’s art is good. He portrays the action and the emotional moments with equal skill. He does a fantastic job of portraying one of The Owl’s special abilities and makes it really pop off the page. The Owl’s costume is handled brilliantly and really looks impressive with the cap flowing around him when he’s talking to Owl Girl in her apartment. Andrade’s colors are just as great. He gives the city a neon glow. You can almost hear things buzzing. His character and costume work is bright and vibrant.

Bottom Line: The Owl is a good new story for Dynamite’s pulp line-up, but it feels to be moving a little too slow. A limited series needs a little bit of a kick too it, but The Owl is a solid story without much kick. Things look to be really laid out now, so hopefully next month sees things revving up. 3/5

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