Review: The New Ghostbusters #3

Review of: New Ghostbusters #4
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Erik Burnham

New Ghostbusters #4

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On May 22, 2013
Last modified:May 21, 2013


The New Ghostbusters has been a great new story, but the bow has been put on it rather quickly.

They’re BACK! The original boys in gray have escaped captivity, but their captors—the demonic entities known as the Collectors—aren’t going to just let the Ghostbusters get away with a jailbreak! It’ll take all the wits at the disposal of both teams to keep Ray, Peter, Winston and Egon in one piece and on this dimensional plane!

The real Ghostubers are back, and this month they’re partnering up with the new group in The New Ghostbusters #3. The story is written by Erik Burnham with art by Dan Schoening. Luis Antonio Delgado provides colors with Neil Uyetake tackling letters. So is this another solid issue for Ghostbusters, or has the newness worn off?

When the real Ghostbusters broke out of the other dimensional, purgatory-like realm they were in, they found out they had been gone for months and not a few hours like they had thought. Griffin found the source of the original team’s abduction at the insane asylum where one of the team’s former enemies had summoned The Collectors to whisk away the four ‘busters. The old team and the new team assemble at the asylum to battle the four Collectors who have taken on the likeness of the original four. Griffin is dealing with the possessed body of the man who summoned the Collectors while the teams fight the Collectors with no effect. The traps won’t work on The Collectors and there’s nothing they can do to stop them. That is if Griffin can’t figure out a way to use the possessed villain to her advantage. Can she save the day or is the Ghostbusters reunion short lived?

Burnham ties up a lot of the New Ghostbusters story threads pretty well in this issue. We find out who took the Ghostbusters and we kind of know why they took them. The story feels a little rushed and the Collectors are defeated in a slightly anti-climactic and fast way. It feels like we missed a slight transition between the last issue and this one. The story follows on from the last one, but it feels like there could have been something in between them. This issue transitions in to what’s coming up next, so it will be interesting to see where Burnham takes the “New Ghostbusters” angle now. The art, as always, is fantastic. Delgado is easily the star of this issue with his colors.

Bottom Line: The New Ghostbusters has been a great new story, but the bow has been put on it rather quickly. Burnham and company could still go on and surprise us next issue, but this one seems to wrap things up quickly and a little too easily. It’s still a good book, this is just the first bump in the road. 3/5

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