Review: The New Ghostbusters #3

Review of: New Ghostbusters #3
Product by:
Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening

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On April 17, 2013
Last modified:April 17, 2013


The New Ghostbusters is a really fun series. It takes Ghostbusters in a fresh direction and serves up a really intriguing story.

New York loves the New Ghostbusters—so much so that PCOC’s liaison Jack Hardemeyer would like them to downplay efforts in finding their predecessors in order to devote more time to their loving public. Janine would happily tell him where to shove a neutrona wand if she and the others didn’t have to contend with the restless spirit of a mythological monster! Meanwhile, in limbo—Egon and Ray think they’ve come up with a way to escape their ethereal prison!

The New Ghostbusters continue this month with the release of issue #3. The story is written by Erik Burnham with art from Dan Schoening. Luis Antonio Delgado handleghostbusters covers colors and Neil Uyetake provides letters. So is this another solid entry, or has the newness worn off?

It’s just another average day for the new Ghostbusting crew when a shiny golden spirit walks in, speaking some foreign language but clearly asking for Janine. The spirit is one of Janine’s ancestors and he has come with a warning. Grendel is coming at midnight to test her. She’ll have to battle the monster from myth because she is a descendant of whom we presume is Beowulf. Janine and the team have to gear up for that, but first they have to survive a meeting with their PCOC liaison as he tries to pitch them into doing less ‘busting and more public appearances. As they deal with that, Griffin is still working on the mystery of how the real Ghostbusters were sent off to another dimension. She could probably make some headway if her phone would stop ringing. Off in another part of time and space the real Ghostbusters are putting the final pieces of Egon’s plan together. There’s a slim chance it will work, but they’re out of alternatives. Can Janine and the crew past Grendal’s test? Can Griffin find any new info? Do the real Ghostbusters finally return?

Burnham writes a fantastic issue. The intros are out of the way and the team is together, so now it’s just down to your day-to-day Ghostbusting. The original team’s story isn’t dragged out forever. There is a conclusion to that, but the greater mystery is still evolving. The backup about a ghost in the trap reaches its climax as well. It’s been interesting, but I think that’s one you need to wait and read in its entirety. Schoening’s art is fantastic. You can tell he really had some fun with the Grendel showdown. Delgado’s color continue to impress. From the ghosts to the trippy skies of the real Ghostbusters’ limbo, he makes some impressive color choices.

Bottom Line: The New Ghostbusters is a really fun series. It takes Ghostbusters in a fresh direction and serves up a really intriguing story.  A great story with great art makes this one Ghostbusters fans have to pick up 4.5/5

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