Review: The New Ghostbusters #2


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The ghost of a notorious killer has begun to haunt New York, and The New Ghostbusters have to stop him before he can pick up where he left off! Meanwhile, the Original Ghostbusters compare notes—trying to figure out where they are, and how to get home…

ghostbusters coverThe new team is stilling trying to pull it together in issue two of the New Ghostbusters. As the old team finds themselves trapped, a new group of busters have to come together so there’s always someone you can call when there’s something strange in your neighborhood. The story is written by Erik Burnham with art from Dan Schoening. Luis Antonio Delgado provides colors with Neil Uyetake providing lettering.

This time around we see Ron Alexander, the former Ghost Smasher, arriving at Ghostbusting headquarters in the middle of a PR storm. The PCOC is still trying to use the gals and market them for their own purposes. The girls are trying to figure out what happened to the original team, but they have to stop everything for photo shoots and interviews. While Janine is being a hard negotiator and trying to rid the ladies of their new skimpy outfits and get back all the old stuff, everyone is interrupted by a client announcing the presence of a ghost with a knife in Central Park. The new team assembles and races off to fight the ghost with a connection to Agent Melanie Ortiz’s past. In between of all this happening, we get a look at what Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon are up to in their own little purgatory. Much like the new team, they’ve started to piece together what has happened and how they may be able to get back. What could go wrong? The back-up story featuring what happens when they go into the traps continues in its two page format as well.

Burnham writes a good main and back-up story. The new team is finally in place and we get some pieces of the puzzle about what happened to the original group. It may not be correct this early in the game, but we are starting to make some headway. Burnham takes the group of people who can’t get along becoming a team motif and keeps it from being cheesy or too cliché. Schoening’s art is great. He keeps up the very distinct, slightly cartoon style of the Ghostbuster comics and offers up some great scenes, especially when they do the photo shoot joke involving the covers of the comics.

Bottom Line: The New Ghostbusters is a fresh new direction for the Ghostbusters. Yes, it won’t be permanent but it’s a fun story that rises above feeling like a gimmick. Burnham and Schoening get to explore more characters, although I would like to see more of the last few pages where we see how the original team’s family and loved ones are coping with their month’s long disappearance 4/5

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