Review: The New Ghostbusters #1


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The Ghostbusters are gone, spirited away by some dastardly demons from another dimension! But spectral shenanigans haven’t ceased in the city that never sleeps, meaning a new group will need to step up and don the proton packs. Will the New Ghostbusters be able to rescue their predecessors, or will they share the same fate? The Ghostbusters creative super-team of Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening return to bust out more ectoplasmic excitement in this all-new Ghostbusters ongoing volume!

Who you gonna call when the Ghostbusters are gone? That’s the question IDW answers this month in their new ongoing series The New Ghostbusters. The main and backup story is written by Erik Burnham with art by Dan Schoening. The colors are tag teamed by Luis Antonio Delgado and Andrew Harmon for pages 15-17. Neil Uyetake rounds out the gang with lettering.

new ghostbusters coverOur story opens with an introduction to our four new Ghostbusters. The new gang consists of Janine Melintz the faithful Ghostbuster secretary, Kylie Griffin who run’s Ray Stantz’s occult bookstore, Melanie Ortiz the FBI agent the Busters met in New Mexico, and Ron Alexander the huckster who is in prison for opening up his own paranormal elimination service in a past storyline. We see our new group, but we flash back to the old one and see why they’re predisposed. Peter Venkman is on a kind-of-date with Agent Ortiz when they are interrupted by a spirit who looks remarkably like Peter. Venkman is taken into the ether and quickly thereafter other doppelganger ghosts take their human counterparts captive. Three months later Janine, Kylie, and Melanie are doing their best Ghostbuster interpretation as they try to take out a little old ghost in an apartment. After they make a mess of it, City Hall intervenes. Behind the scenes the Mayor and his staff try to figure out a way to capitalize on the new crew and use them to their advantage. The new Ghostbusters are pinned to the wall and they have no choice but to accept City Hall’s conditions and their new technician- Ray Stantz.

Burnham pens a great introductory story. There’s enough in there to get longtime fans excited while still being easily accessible to new readers. We learn all the backstory we need while still moving ahead with a new story to keep it feeling like more than a run of the mill first issue. The backup story is the first part of a story showing what happens to the ghosts when they’re put in the big machine. We get a little taste, but it’s hard to say much about it just yet.  Dan Schoening does a great job with the art. You have great background work and cartoony looking characters. You have some accentuated character designs making each and every person pop off the page. The colors help elevate the story and really shines when we see the sky of where the original Ghostbusters find themselves.

Bottom Line: The New Ghostbusters gives everything you love about the Ghostbusters a fresh new spin. Burnham gives readers a good jumping on point whether this is their first issue or they missed a few. A great story with some equally great art makes this an interesting new chapter in the Ghostbusters world 4/5

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