Review: The Living Corpse: Haunted One-Shot

Review of: The Living Corpse: Haunted One-Shot
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Ken Haeser, Keith Thomas

The Living Corpse: Haunted One-Shot

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On August 21, 2013
Last modified:August 21, 2013


The Corpse: Haunted One-Shot is a fun book that has something for all the fans of the creepy, crawly, humor.

An all new fright-filled, knuckle-biting, pants-wetting one-shot inspired by this summer’s Amazing Adventures Of The Living Corpse animated movie from Shoreline Entertainment and Anchor Bay! A haunting at an abandoned mental institution brings THE LIVING CORPSE out to investigate! Our intrepid, undead hero must fight his way through an army of feeble-minded ghosts to unlock the secret of the evil Doctor Death!

The Living Corpse shambles on to fight another day in a new one-shot from Dynamite. The Living Corpse: Haunted One-Shot features three stories about the undead hero. Ken Haeser writes two of the three (Haunted and Tears of a Clown) with Keith Thomas writing Edgar Allan: The King and I. Haeser, Buz Hasson, and Blair Smith provide art and colors for the various stories. So does the new one-shot offer up something fresh, or does it stink worse than its titular zombie?

Haunted centers on the Pennhurst State School, the most haunted place on earth. Two amateur ghost hunters are wandering around looking for Dr. Hardquannone. The meanest, nastiest doctor in the school’s history returns every fifty years to look for his lost love. It just so happens that tonight marks fifty years exactly since his last appearance. The unsuspecting duo walk into a situation that only the Living Corpse can get under control. The second story features Stephen King getting a little inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe in a way only The Living Corpse comics can pull off. The final story, Tears of a Clown, introduces us to Mumbles the Clown. He’s a former star who has lost everything. He’s looking to lose his life too, but the Living Corpse offers him some friendly advice.

The Living Corpse: Haunted One-Shot features three great stories with a macabre sense of humor. This is my first run-in with the Corpse, and the little taste the one-shot provides makes me want to change that quickly. It’s weird, it’s crazy, and it’s got a hint of The Evil Dead. Haeser and Thomas write three quick, but enjoyable stories that introduce new readers to the character and give longtime fans some new treats. The art is great. You have three different styles for three distinctly different stories. You have a cleaner and crisper style with vibrant colors for Haunted. Edgar Allan Poe: The King and I features a weirder, more stylized art with more pastel colors. Tears of a Clown has a more gritty, almost cartoon realistic look.

Bottom Line: The Corpse: Haunted One-Shot is a fun book that has something for all the fans of the creepy, crawly, humor. Equal parts Evil Dead and pulp adventure, this is a great place to get introduced to The Living Corpse. I know I’ll be looking into his past adventures now. 4/5

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