Review: The Li’l Depressed Boy #15


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Things are moving fast with the Li’l Depressed Boy and his new girl, but can they survive keeping their relationship hidden? Featuring a cover by amazing poet and The Feather Room author, ANIS MOJGANI.

Another chapter in the misadventures of the Li’l Depressed Boy debuts this week with issue #15 written, colored, and lettered by S. Steven Struble with Sina Grace on pencils and inks. Thinks are getting even more serious for LDB and Spike as their relationship reaches a milestone. They’ve had to keep it secret, but all secrets have to get out eventually. Don’t they?

ldb coverThe story opens with LDB listening to music, getting ready, and just being happy. It’s an odd occurrence for our main character. LDB is meeting up with Spike at a diner to celebrate their two month anniversary. Spike and LDB finally make their relationship official with the exchanging of gifts. They go on about their date, but as always work beckons. Back at the movie theater LDB is called in for a performance review. Things go pretty weird as is the LDB way. After exiting the boss’ office and being left with more questions than answers, LDB and Spike go about their usual routine at work. Things have been going so great the past few issues you’d almost expect to hear “Walking on Sunshine” playing as the pages turn. Something finally happens in this issue that makes the record skip a bit.

Struble pens another great installment in the LDB saga. Things have been going so well as of late, I had been advocating a title change to something like the Slightly Depressed Boy. A new development occurs that brings it back to the LDB basics. Grace knocks out another great issue in his consistent string of great issues. It seems like this entire arc has been chugging right along and we’re now at the top of the roller coaster. I can’t wait to see if it’s a long ride to the bottom or we make another climb. Things eventually have to go LDB’s way, they just have to.

Bottom Line: Another great chapter in the LDB story. This emotional driven series is one you should be checking out. It’s easy to relate to LDB and cheer him on as you find him in situations you’ve probably found yourself in. This one has me looking forward to the next issue more than any of the others 5/5

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