Review: The Hollows #4


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Everything has gone wrong, and the growing mass of Hollows threatens even the tenuous security that the residents of the tree-cities thought they had. In this concluding issue, Ryall and Kieth might leave nothing but a scorched earth in their wake.

hollows cover The Hollows concludes this month with the fourth issue in the IDW miniseries. The story was created by Chris Ryall and Sam Kieth. Ryall writes the story with Kieth providing art. Robbie Robbins provides lettering. The previous issues have been very good, so does the series finish strong or just ring hollow?

Last issue ended on a huge cliffhanger as the city in the trees was falling down and Craig had to push his jetpack to the limits to try and rescue his children before it all came crashing down. While we get to see how that part develops, we get a flashforward as we see what happened years later. Lani, Urp, and Craig’s family are rebuilding the world that was destroyed, yet also saved, by Craig. The issue serves as the finale, but mainly an epilogue for the events of the series. We’ll leave it at that since I don’t want to spoil any of the stories big emotional beats.

Ryall crafts a wonderful conclusion to the series. The series has had its fair share of action, but it’s mainly an emotional story about failure, hope, redemption, and family. The final panel sums everything up quite nicely. Keith’s art has been fantastic. The pastel/painted/Japanese art really helps add depth to the already strong writing. He does an impressive job with the intense scenes showing us how the final battle unfolded.

Bottom Line: The Hollows finishes strong. Kieth and Ryall have presented something truly great with The Hollows. Equal parts action and emotion make for an impressive finish 5/5

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