Review: The Hollows #2


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Chris Ryall and Sam Kieth continue their crazed collaboration with The Hollows, Part 2: “Taking Flight.” When living above the chaos and soul-stealing “hollows” is no longer an option, can Kobayashi manage to rise above the impending doom that surrounds he and his loved ones…?

This week the second part of Chris Ryall and Sam Kieth’s imaginative new project continues. The Hollows Chapter Two: Taking Flight is written by Ryall with art by Kieth. Robbie Robbins is the other set of hands on the book providing letters. The first issue took flight, but does this issue continue to soar or is it a crash landing?

hollows 2The story picks up with Kobayashi enjoying some time with his wife and children in their treetop home. The inventor is still struggling with what he saw on the ground when he had to hole up with a group to avoid the soul-stealing Hollows. His time at home is restless and short lived as he returns to work to display his latest creation. On the last Thursday of the month, the designers and technicians gather to reveal what they’ve been working on. Kobayashi has been working on a weapon even though that’s not in his job description. The other creators give him a hard time, save for one young man who sees the promise in the new invention. Kobayashi continues to struggle internally with the decision of whether or not to go back to Lani and the group on the ground. You can probably guess how that turns out.

Ryall crafts another great story. You can see the slight struggle Kobayashi goes through, but the way he turns that struggle into a solution works both in the script and visually. Ryall does a wonderful job with the scene where the inventions are being shown off, it is probably the best in the book. Keith does an astounding job on art. You see a very heavy Japanese influence that works wonderfully with the book. From the sprawling look at the treetop community to the hollows, it is all visually stunning. The final page is a work of true beauty as Keith uses the margins and expands beyond the normal limits of the comic box.

Bottom Line: The Hollows is an incredibly fresh story with some wonderful art that makes a truly great experience for the reader. Ryall and Keith work wonders on an idea that could easily take a bad turn. The Hollows is one you need to look into. A great story with a Japanese flavor 4.5/5

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