Review: The Grove Nymph #1

Review of: The Grove Nymph #1
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On May 20, 2013
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A cute little story that reads like an all-ages book, but surely doesn’t look like it.

001Stories about fairytales and folklores are very popular right now.  Thanks to Once Upon A Time, these types of stories have been thrust into the center of pop culture.  It’s not surprising that comics would follow suit. The Grove Nymph #1 (not based off of anything) is a fun little issue, but would be great with a few changes.

The Grove Nymph #1 is about Mira, a grove nymph, and her fascination with what is outside her canyon.  Classic folklore, and a good jumping off point for a story.  Jecaro spends the rest of the issue sending Mira on a a small journey, meeting plenty of characters.  The issue reads like an all-ages book.  This genre is a hard one to write for, as the writer doesn’t want to talk down to the reader, but also not talk over their heads.  The dialogue is easy to digest, and the small amount of mythos is easy to explain and understand.  This is a perfect book to kids if you are thinking about getting them into comics (but don’t, as there is nudity).  It’s a very quick read, even at 40 pages.  Most panels cap off at six panels, with most having three panels.  It’s a quick, enjoyable read.

Mira is naked through most of the book, and Jecaro doesn’t even make hint of it.  It’s nudity that works within the story, something I don’t see much in comics.  From a marketing standpoint, Jecaro might want want to put clothes on the characters.  But that’s just me.  The nudity doesn’t feel out of place in the story, as the innocent characters keep the reader from thinking dirty thoughts about them.  The artwork supports this.

One of the problems with the book is the artwork.  The inking should have been filled in more, as some characters start to blend in with the background.  In one scene, when Mira saves the Pom-sprite from the root monster, there are details in the stone that the reader can’t make out.  I didn’t realize that something was on the wall behind Mira until I looked at the breakdown pages after the story.  This might be due to the conversion to digital, or it could be Jecaro’s artwork.  But the innocent look on every character is easy on the eyes.  Every character wears their emotions on their sleeves.  As stated before, the nudity doesn’t play a role in the story.  It’s refreshing to see an artist draw women proportional instead of having boobs so big that it breaks their backs.  The colors are pretty, although muted.

The Grove Nymph is apart of comiXology Submit, if you are looking to buy the issue.

The Grove Nymph #1 gets 3.5/5.

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