Review: The Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin #5


Harry Dresden came to rural Missouri to free the star-crossed Talbot family from the curse that’s nearly wiped out the bloodline. Unfortunately, his only two allies have been fired from the local police force and revealed as a carnivorous ghoul, respectively-oh, and he’s been arrested, leaving the aforementioned Talbots virtually defenseless against the supernatural creatures hunting them. Aside from that, things are great…

dresdenThe penultimate issue of the new Dresden Files story Ghoul Goblin hits this week with the release of the fifth issue. The story is written by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers. Joseph Cooper handles pencils, Mohan provides colors, and Bill Tortolini takes on lettering. Do things start to escalate as we start to reach the conclusion, or does it seem Dresden is going out with a whimper?

Harry Dresden was pulled away from Chicago to help investigate a strange occurrence in Missouri. It turns out a Ghoul and a Goblin are playing a big game with a family that has been cursed. Dresden is helping a young police officer named Pres as they try to save the remaining members of the Talbot family. Dresden and Pres tried their best to save the elder brother Alex Talbot, but failed miserably. In the process Pres found out that his girlfriend was in fact the ghoul causing most of the problems. After Alex bites the dust, Dresden is thrown in jail. The Talbot’s have nobody to protect them, but Pres turns to Boone Mill’s mayor for help. We start to see there is more to the mayor. She’s been a mystery throughout the series, but what she’s hiding may just be the key not only to Harry’s salvation but the Talbot’s as well. Dresden is out of jail, but is there any time left to save the few Talbot’s left? Can they survive the Ghoul and Goblin’s endgame?

Butcher and Power write another entertaining entry in the new Dresden story. The first several pages serve as a recap of what has already happened and what Dresden needs to do if he hopes to save anyone. After playing catch-up, the story starts to serve up big reveals as Dresden, Pres, and the mayor make the trip to the Talbot stronghold. Things are falling into place, a little too nicely in places, but the larger mystery starts to unravel as the final play in the Ghoul and Goblin’s game begins. Cooper’s art and Mohan’s colors are just as great as the previous four issues. They have to do some work in the parts of the book that is dialogue heavy, but they sell it by really showing the characters emotions.

Bottom Line: Ghoul Goblin uses the final few pages to really rev things up for the big finale. Ghoul Goblin has been a great entry in the Dresden mythos, and it looks like it will end on a high note. This issue serves as a recap and moves the final few pieces into place though. 3.5/5

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