Review: The Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin #3


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Harry’s traveled from his home turf of Chicago to investigate a series of inexplicable murders in a small Missouri town. He’s already managed to turn half the burg against him, with the other half’s motives even murkier. And that’s not even taking the Ghoul and Goblin who’ve both separately nearly killed him. Unfortunately, they may have succeeded in murdering the eldest of the cursed family he’s trying to protect-a man who harbors his own dark secrets. It’s time for Harry to seek the help of a higher authority…

This week we hit the halfway point of The Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin as issue #3 hits shelves today. The six issue event from Dynamite is written by Mark Powers and Dresden creator Jim Butcher. Joseph Cooper provides pencils with Mohan handling colors. Bill Tortolini rounds out the cast with lettering. We checked in when the series started, so hallway through how has it been so far?

dresden coverHarry rushes into Joseph Talbot’s house after the close encounter with a ghoul. Talbot is dying after his weapon backfired when he tried to chase off the frightening creature. Dresden initiates a SoulGaze in Joseph’s final moments. Only a wizard like Dresden can look into someone’s eyes and see into Talbot’s very soul. Harry sees how Joseph became so paranoid about his family’s curse and how he constructed the house to protect them. Harry gets a few answers, but a lot more questions. Officer Pres is the first on the scene. He knows Harry didn’t do it, but the sheriff will lock Harry up if he doesn’t get out of the house. Harry is on the run from the law and needs to do some supernatural detective work to figure out what’s going on. He knows the Goblin Griswald is working with the Ghoul, but he doesn’t know why everything is happening. Harry goes off to the woods to summon a nature spirit. The spirit doesn’t have his answers, but they can put him in touch with another more powerful force that does. While Harry waits for his meeting, he goes to Pres’ home where he can lay low for a while. There’s a lot more detective work to be done, but Harry’s late night meeting with a Naga may be the end of him. Can he make it out alive and find out what’s cursing the Talbot family?

Powers and Butcher pen a great issue. We see Harry Dresden doing a lot of detective work this issue. He’s finally got an idea what the puzzle pieces are, and he’s starting to piece them together. We’ve had some magic and some creatures in the first two issues, but this issue’s two biggest scenes are of the occult variety. Fans will be happy with these moments. Cooper’s pencils are the best of the series so far. The art is slightly cartoony, but serious enough to convey the serious atmosphere of the story. Mohan’s colors help sell it, especially the blue hues of the SoulGaze scenes.

Bottom Line: Dresden fans new and old should be pretty happy with Ghoul Goblin so far. Butcher and Powers have concocted a great mystery that no one except Chicago’s only wizard for hire can figure out. If you’re a Dresden fan, you need to be reading this 4/5

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