Review: The Colonized #4 By Chris Ryall And Drew Moss


The zombies have run amok in Carbon Falls, there’s a runaway train loaded for bear with dirty bombs, and not even unpredictable alien technology looks to be enough to stave off both of these weapons and creatures of mass destruction as our story of zombies vs. aliens concludes here!

colonized coverThe conclusion of IDW’s crazy series looking at separatists vs. zombies vs. aliens hits comic book stores today. The story is written by Chris Ryall with art by Drew Moss. Jay Fotos handles colors and Tom B. Long provides lettering. We’ve looked at the other three issues, so does the finale live up to the hype or does it get derailed?

Last month the more militaristic separatists led by Randy Roy packed the town’s electric rail with explosives, strapped the ATF agent to the top, and sent it barreling to derail and destroy Huxley’s house that was being surrounded by zombies. That in and of itself doesn’t sound too sinister, but a great deal of the town’s survivors were holed up in Huxley’s hilltop house. Huxley, his pal, and the lead alien are racing to get back to the survivors with a casket full of munitions. This is it. This is the final confrontation as it’s an all-out battle as Huxley and his crew not only have to take on the remaining zombies, but Randy Roy and his gun nut followers. The aliens have been helpful the whole way through, but now they have to decide if they’ll give their all and possible make the ultimate sacrifice to help set things right. The plan is set in motion, and the only thing left to witness is the fallout.

Ryall writes a quick and clean story to wrap things up. Things go by fast, but he walks a thin line and keeps it from feeling rushed. We get more action than you can shake a stick at, but we also get a lot of fantastic character moments, quieter moments, to show how people are dealing with the events and what the future of the community will be. Moss’ artwork is stellar as always. There have been plenty of action sequences throughout the series, but this issue features pages upon pages of action. Moss makes his stylish little aliens do some impressive things as they hold their own against human and zombie alike. Fotos’ colors are on full display with the explosions and alien weapons being fired around.

Bottom Line: Colonized is a fantastic sci-fi series with plenty of laughs. It gives you serious moments, but it also serves up plenty of weird and spectacular scenes to make it a fun read. Ryall and Moss have presented something pretty special in the age of zombie oversaturation. Things end, but there are still possible storylines to pick up on. I for one really hope we get to see more Colonized. 4.5/5

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