Review: The Colonized #3

Review of: The Colonized #3
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Chris Ryall

The Colonized #3

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On June 5, 2013
Last modified:June 5, 2013


Colonized proves with each issue that it is a weird, wild, and unique story that stands apart from everything else out there.

The zombie horde is growing, the aliens and humans are outmanned (and out-alienned), and the citizens of Carbon Falls are beset from all sides. Which all pale before the looming explosive threat brought on from one of their own!

The penultimate issue of IDW’s wild and crazy miniseries featuring aliens vs. zombies vs. separatists hits stories this week. The story is written by Chris Ryall with art by Drew Moss. Jay Fotos handles colors with Tom B. Long providing lettering. The past two issues scored pretty high. Does the streak live on or has The Colonized ran off the rails?

Aliens have made first contact. The result was alien tech raising the dead interned in Carbon Falls’ cemetery. The town quickly devolved into chaos as the plague spread from person to person. Even the animals of the separatists’ town have become part of the undead horde. Huxley Robert, who inherited leadership of the town after his father’s death, has partnered up with the aliens to try and save his town. Hux and some of the aliens regrouped in the spaceship to look for weapons to hold off the coming tide of the dead. As they try to get back to Hux’s house where the other townspeople are holed up, Randy Roy and his gun nut friends are going with a more scorched earth plan of attack. It’s utter madness and ATF Agent Lew Dawson has no idea what he has gotten himself in to. He’s going after Randy Roy, but the more militaristic minded members of the town may have the upper hand. The key to the town’s survival is related to what’s under Hux’s porch. Will his secrets save the town or destroy it? Can he get back in time?

Ryall writes another insane script. I mean that in the best possible way. You have aliens, zombies, and a runaway train. The story has been pretty solid. You thought the politics of the town would be in the forefront of the story, but it has become secondary. All that set-up in the beginning was to help drive home the fact that these people are alone. They have to take care of it themselves. They can’t call in the National Guard, they see the government as their opposition. It’s a great spin on the zombie genre…you know besides the inclusion of aliens. This is the most action-packed issue and it really hypes up the conclusion coming next month. Moss’ art and Fotos’ colors are fantastic yet again. He draws some impressive zombie attacks, and he even gets in a few humorous moments with the undead. The alien suits are featured a little more prominently, which is great. Moss made some very impressive aliens and the suits are fantastic.

Bottom Line: Colonized proves with each issue that it is a weird, wild, and unique story that stands apart from everything else out there. Ryall and Moss have set up a lot of stuff, and the payoff will come next month. There still seems to be a lot of story to go, but it will be interesting to see how they wrap it all up. 5/5

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