Review: The Colonized #2

Review of: The Colonized #2 or 4
Product by:
Chris Ryall and Drew Moss

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On May 1, 2013
Last modified:May 1, 2013


Chris Ryall has combined several different genres to make one absolutely insane story.

Aliens have landed in the separatist town of Carbon Falls… and—worse—they’ve reanimated the town’s dead, too. As Hux Robertson and the rest deal with these crises, they also have to contend with a traitor within and the ATF, too!

The crazy aliens vs zombies vs separatists story continues this month in The Colonized #2. The story is written by Chris Ryall with art from Drew Moss. Jay Fotos handles colors with Tom B. Long providing letters. So does this issue keep up the insane and hilarious thrill ride or was this a one trick pony?

colonized coverThe story, like most other zombie stories, picks up a few days after the outbreak. The zombies that were reanimated by the aliens’ tracto beam have spread out and is no longer a tightly contained incident. The separatist and the aliens have formed an uneasy alliance to try and keep a lid on things before the government can step in and ruin the separatist community’s way of life. There is even more tension between the more liberal Huxley Robinson, the new leader, and Randy Roy Grist, a hardline militia type. Randy Roy has broken off from the group with a few men to try and kill as many zombies as they can. Huxley is trying to work with the aliens and get them flying again. They think they can help fix the zombie mess they caused in the process. All the time an ATF agent that has infiltrated the community to investigate Randy Roy’s weapons cache is trying to stay in the shadow and keep calm while he sees all this mess unfold. The zombie hoard is on its way to Huxley’s house on the hill and the aliens are hiding their true motives. Can this motley crew come together and fix things before it gets big enough to warrant government attention?

Ryall writes an absolutely insane story. The opening scene is a zombie cow attack. That bears repeating- there are zombie cows and sheep hunting down people in this book. Colonized is a funny, yet complex story about aliens, zombies, and separatist groups. The groups views on the government and the inner political conflict in the community would make for an interesting story by itself, but you get a crazy aliens and zombies story on top of it. Ryall has put together something unique. The art is great. From the humans to the rotted flesh of the zombie cows, Moss makes everything look fun in the face of the zombie apocalypse. His alien designs are fantastic. Fotos colors are great. He makes the zombies work and gives the aliens a NASA-like spacesuit.

Bottom Line: Chris Ryall has combined several different genres to make one absolutely insane story. The opening scene with zombie cows is worth the price of admission alone. With an interesting story and great art, The Colonized is one mini-series worth joining up with 5/5

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