Review: The Colonized #1 From Ryall And Moss

Review of: The Colonized #1 or 4
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Chris Ryall and Drew Moss

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On April 10, 2013
Last modified:April 10, 2013


The Colonized is a weird, crazy, smart story that will certainly surprise you.

Part 1: “Minutemen in Black” – In this all-new miniseries, a spaceship crashes into a separatist camp and manages to reanimate the dead as well! It’s aliens vs. zombies vs. militiamen in a carnage-filled tale from the co-creator of Zombies vs Robots! And if that ain’t enough, covers for this series will be by acclaimed Cerebus creator, Dave Sim!

IDW kicks off a new series about aliens fighting zombies who also have to fight militiamen. The kooky idea behind The Colonized comes from writer Chris Ryall. Drew Moss handles art, Jay Fotos provides colors, and Tom B. Long tackles letters. Such a crazy idea definitely has your attention, but is the story worth your time?

The story opens somewhere in Montana. Everything is peaceful in Big Sky country until a space ship splits the serenity of the night sky. Aliens are planning their descent and how first contact with the humanoids will go. There are some problems with the ship and the readings, but the Captain Bemis wants to go ahead as planned. The readings are off and there are no signs or life. Bemis decides to letcolonized cover loose the tractor beams to pick up anything in range. What is in range is a graveyard with the freshly buried father of our narrator. Something causes the tractor beam to not only scoop up the dead, but bring them back to life. We’re to assume that it’s related to the ship’s technology, an explanation isn’t given and we don’t really need one. Zombies are running wild in the ship, you can imagine how that goes. The other part of our story deals with the community of Carbon Falls. The man buried was their leader. A power struggle is developing between the more hardcore militia elements and the old leader’s son who wants to make things “green” and reduce the carbon footprint. That political power grab is halted when the aliens crash and the zombies start roaming around.

Ryall crafts a really interesting story. It’s a funny comic, but the story parts focusing on the community and its people is riveting in its own right. You have a separatist community worried about how it will be run and how it will keep the ATF out of their business. The people accept the existence of aliens and zombies a little too quickly and easily, but it works for the overall concept. Moss’ art is fantastic. He makes some new and impressive aliens that stand out from the other alien encounter comics out there. Fotos’ colors are just as good. Most of the story takes place at dusk, so everything is a little more subdued yet still vibrant.

Bottom Line: The Colonized is a weird, crazy, smart story that will certainly surprise you. Ryall has an interesting idea, and he gives us a great introduction. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over time. The story is fun, but I’d like to see a little more before giving it a definitive grade. For now it’s 4/5



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