Review: The Beast Of Wolfe’s Bay


Our story follows the adventures of a paleoanthropologist named Brian Wegman, a grad student at his wit’s end who is called in to investigate a mysterious homicide in his longtime home-away-from-home, the town of Wolfe’s Bay. He consults with the local police, using his expertise to help identify some strange footprints and track down the killer. Along the way he will meet old friends, make new enemies, and if he doesn’t screw anything up, he might finally finish his PhD – and maybe even become a hero.

Today we have a review of a book that was a massive Kickstarter success. The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay had a goal of $5,000, but raised well over $16,000. It’s an understatement to say there was a demand for the book. We got to take a look at it and weigh in on Erik Evensen’s story. The story and art are by Evensen with Matt Talbot providing letters and Jeff Fugelsang assisting with colors. So does this sci-fi/comedy/cryptozoology adventure live up to the hype?

beast coverOur story opens in the small town of Wolfe’s Bay. We meet Winifred Roth, PhD who we find out is just the perfect nerd girl. She is teaching her final class about folklore and comparative literature before spring break. As school lets out, you see how your college kid archetypes like the nerds and the meatheads deal with their newfound freedom. We see some of Winifred’s students partying at a cabin in the woods. Just as you would imagine, two of the “bro” students are left hanging around and super wasted. Something strange happens and the two guys are murdered by someone chucking rocks. We then cut to another college campus where we meet Brian. Brian is also a teacher, but he’s only a grad student. In fact he’s been a grad student for 8 years and he just can’t seem to get his act together. The dean of the anthropology department chews him out and tells him to get his head together over spring break. As he’s leaving the campus, he gets a call from the Wolfe’s Bay Sherriff. He wants to know if Brian can lend a hand in the investigation about the college kid’s deaths. They’ve found some tracks that aren’t quite human. Because Brian is a local boy, he agrees to help. It’s there that he meets up with the sheriff and his daughter Winifred, known by everyone as Freddie. From there Brian finds himself deeper and deeper in a mystery that is constantly twisting and turning. All signs are pointing to a mythical perpetrator that may or may not be a Sasquatch.  Can Brian wrap his mind around that? Can Freddie convince him that there is some truth in myth?

Evensen writes a fantastic mystery. The story is compelling and really draws you in. The characters are fully developed, although at times some of the dialogue comes off too slick and rehearsed. It’s chocked full of witty comments and nerd references galore (lots of Doctor Who references, so that automatically gains my favor) which works more often than not. The story is pretty believable and based in reality for the most part. Of course some elements are thrown in that aren’t as believable, but that’s what the story is about. The art is absolutely stunning. Evensen works in a massive amount of detail with the characters and the backgrounds. It’s sleek, shiny, and impressive. I would find myself reading a few pages then flipping back to soak in the details.

Bottom Line: If you’re a fan of monster hunter genre and really smart comics, this is for you. The story is smart and based in academia, so it demands a little from its readers, as well it should. A fun, smart story with great art makes this one to check out for all us college age nerds. 4/5


Erik Evensen gave us a few great character pics you can check out below the video for the book. The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay will be hitting Comixology Submit soon, but you can get it on Amazon right now by clicking here.  If you want to check out more about the author or read the first 10 pages of the graphic novel, click right here for the Wolfe’s Bay website.

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Brian and Freddie

wolfe 1


Sheriff Gary Roth, Coroner Humphries, Chief Deputy Asher

wolfe 2

The beautiful scenery of Wolfe’s Bay

wolfe 3

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