Review: The Accelerators #1


Today we’ve got another review of a comic from Comixology’s Submit releases. This one is a time travel story called The Accelerators #1. It is written by R.F.I. Porto with pencils and inks from Gavin P. Smith. Tim Yates provides colors and Crank! handles lettering. Walt Flanagan (yes, Comic Book Men’s Walt) provides the pencils for the cover. So is The Accelerators a time hopping story you want to catch a ride with?

accelerators coverThe story opens with a giant gladiator type arena in the future featuring different types of warriors battling for the amusement of the masses. Think Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior but with odder match-ups. After the arena scene we flip to seventy-six years earlier. Alexa has just showed up in the 70s after traveling through time. We learn over the course of the issue that she is from the 1960s and was involved with a research project studying time travel. She is being pursued through time by Bertram, a soldier who may or may not be trying to kill her. The only thing Alexa can do is travel farther into the future. Time machines, actually trans-temporal toroidal field generators, are small devices nicknamed donuts (due to their size and shape) that only allow the user to travel into the future. There is no back button on time traveling. As Alexa goes further and further into the future, she accidentally draws in a teenage boy named Spatz who tries to save Alexa from being hit by a bus in the 1990s. Now the trio are in a race, literally, against time as Alexa tries to outrun Bertram. We start to learn a little about what has happened to cause Alexa to begin her journey. We also learn about her surprising connection to Bertram. One hop too many finds Bertram and Spatz in the apocalyptic future where we saw the historical fighters engaging in battle.

Porto writes an incredibly interesting script. He takes a time travel story and gives it a fresh twist. There is no going back. Going into the future follows the Fibonacci number. You go firsts 8, then 13, 21, and 34 years into the future. It’s a unique twist on the genre and plays out really well with the story. There is still a lot of mystery behind what’s going on, but we learn enough to get pulled in to what’s unfolding in front of us. The art is handled well. Smith makes great looking characters who are very expressive. The scenery changing over time is handled brilliantly as well. Look for a few surprise cameos in the crowd scenes. Yates’ colors work really well with the time traveling effects. The final jump for Alexa is stunning.

Bottom Line: The Accelerators is a new take on a familiar genre. Porto and company present a unique story that adds some fun new twists on time travel in comics. Enough is laid out to give the reader a rough idea of what’s going on, but the overall mystery will pull you in and leave you wanting more. You can click here to check out the book. 4/5

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