Review: TEMPLATE From QAM Comics


templateDigital comics are more popular than ever. With Thrillbent reinventing the wheel and Batman ’66 getting a lot of attention, it seems like more people than ever are reading comics digitally. Today we’ve got a review of a newer creator owned digital comic series that is hitting the Comics Plus app today. QAM Comics’ Template is a cyberpunk series written by Quinton Miles, with art by Andres Quezada, colors by Nathan Lumm, and lettering by MaGnUs. With the first three issues now available through the app, should you be checking this series out?

template 2Oversight is a private security organization who has been working to make a perfect android soldier. An agent named Britt was the best agent they ever had. She was a highly decorated soldier who quickly became a legend to the Oversight team. Britt’s untimely death left the organization in a bit of a predicament. Oversight used her death to help jumpstart their android program. The first attempt, Alpha, was a miserable failure. Alpha went rogue and attacked a research facility. Thinking they’ve learned from their mistakes, Oversight created Beta. Beta craves to be out in the field, but when things go wrong and it’s revealed that Oversight has a mole in their midst, Beta might be getting what she wants even though she’s not ready for it. How will she react to being outside of her controlled simulated missions? Can she take on Alpha? Will Oversight weed out the mole or will they be attacked again?

Miles writes an intriguing story. He creates a great set of characters and plays up the tension and mystery with Oversight. It’s a cyberpunk story that feels kind of like the Third Echelon sections of the Splinter Cell games with a hint of Metal Gear Solid and 24 to shake things up. The first several chapters are really setting things up, but it shows a lot of promise for what’s to come. Quezada’s art helps elevate the story, and it’s slightly rough around the edges look helps sell the gritty special agents and cyborg story Miles writes. There are a few oddly shaped and oddly positioned hands here and there, but that’s only a small thing to throw in the negative column. Lumm uses a more subdued pallet as things take place in dark rooms and seedy parts of town. There are a few times where Lumm uses heavy shadows over one half of a character’s face and it feels like it throws off the profile or view of the face at times. They’re few and far between, but they are noticeable. Things really tighten up in the final chapters though.

Bottom Line: Template serves up an intriguing cyberpunk story full of cyborgs and shady security firms. Beta is trying to show she’s different from her predecessor as well as the real woman they were both based on. When Beta finally gets to go out in the field, it may just be more than she can handle. Template shows a lot of potential, so it’s definitely one to keep an eye on. You can find out more about QAM Comics on the official website here, the Facebook page here, and the Twitter account here.

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