Review: TEMPLATE Chapters 7-8 From QAM Comics


template iconA few months ago we ran a review for chapters 4-6 of an 8-chapter digital series from QAM Comics called Template. The digital comic is a cyberpunk series written by Quinton Miles with art by Andres Quezada. Nathan Lumm handles colors with MaGnUs providing lettering. Now chapters 7 and 8 have been released and will soon be available on the Comics Plus app and the QAM website to wrap things up. You can read the review of the first three chapters by clicking here and chapter 4-6 by clicking here. Now that we’re at the finale, does Template end on a high note?

Beta has found out that Alpha may not be as bad as Oversight has led her to believe. The original android is on a mission of her own, but she needs Beta help. The old Oversight technician, Mr. Vega, has tried to fashion himself his own cyborg body to stay alive. Beta and Alpha have to put aside their differences if they hope to get out of Vega’s fiery and quickly crumbling lab alive. Meanwhile at Oversight headquarters the team is trying to get Beta’s tracking signal back online. When things are proving tough, they may just have to rely on the one man that betrayed them if they hope to recover their agent. Before all is said and done, the mysterious investors behind Operation Oversight will be revealed. The conspiracy goes much deeper than we could have imagined. Who will prove superior, Alpha or Beta? What happens to Oversight when things go south?

Miles writes a tense finale. The final two chapters encompass the fight between Vega and Alpha/Beta as well as the conclusion to some threads left dangling with Oversight. It’s a dramatic and fast-paced finish that wraps things up while still leaving a lot of room to continue on if there’s demand for it. Quezada’s art is a little rougher this time around, but it works with the hard edge the story has. The climactic fight in the labs are a good opportunity to go with a rougher and grittier art and heavier line work to show how chaotic and hectic things have become. The character work with the various characters is solid. Quezada really plays up the emotions and tones by the way the characters carry themselves. Lumm’s colors get a little brighter than usual thanks to some giant fires and bloody bots.

Bottom Line: Template has been a solid cyberpunk story that ends on a high note. Alpha and Beta’s stories are ended in a fitting way, but the shady Oversight storyline gets an added little twist in the final pages. Hopefully we get to see what comes next before too long. You can check out the previous installments of Template on the QAM Comics site by clicking here.

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