Review: TEMPLATE Chapters 4-6 From QAM Comics


template bannerA few months ago we ran a review for the first three issues of a digital series from QAM Comics called Template. The digital comic is a cyberpunk series written by Quinton Miles with art by Andres Quezada. Nathan Lumm handles colors with MaGnUs tackling lettering. Now chapters 4-6 have been released and will be available on the Comics Plus app and the QAM website. You can read the review of the first three chapters by clicking here. With the next installment rolling out, does Template continue to break the mold?

At the end of the third issue Oversight had discovered Alpha, the first android created by the company based on Agent Britt, had a mole on the inside. Someone was feeding the femme fatale information on every operation Oversight was working on. The mole is discovered after Beta’s mission goes south. After being tasked with tracking Alpha down, Beta gets incapacitated and captured. Oversight technician Hayden Torres must run the op to get Beta online and put a stop to Alpha’s plans. Things get more complicated when a face from Oversight’s past has a villainous goal of his own. When no one is who they seem and everyone has their own goals, who can Beta trust? When there are 100 shades of grey can anyone claim to be doing what’s “right?”

Miles kicks the story up another notch and makes an already fast-paced story move faster. Things get dramatic from page 1 and continue to spiral into more tense territory with each chapter. There’s double crosses and things we thought we knew and understood gets shattered. Beta is in the middle of it all, but we’re still not entirely sure who we should be rooting for. The sixth chapter is topped off with an exciting but ominous cliffhanger. Quezada really hits a stride with these three chapters. Things seem to get smoothed out and work a little more fluid. You can see how things have improved from chapter to chapter. There’s still a rough edge that helps sell the gritty special agents/cyborg element of the story. Lumm’s colors are very bright and vibrant in the third chapter’s opening. We’re in Dusk City, but then we start to move back indoors. Things stay subdued and a little dark mixed with the light from the glow of computer monitors. The more aqua colored backgrounds help make the characters and action pop on the page.

Bottom Line: Template gets better with each chapter. It started off as a solid cyberpunk story, but it keeps adding in more layers and action with each subsequent entry. The entire team have really gotten into a groove that makes everything click into place really well. There’s still more story to go and it will be interesting to see what happens next. If you liked the first three chapters, you’ll love the next three. You can find out more about Template on the QAM Comics site by clicking here.

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