Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #26

Review of: TMNT #26
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Tom Waltz

TMNT #26

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On September 25, 2013
Last modified:September 25, 2013


City Fall continues to please.

While Leonardo and the Foot bring the fight to the Savate ninjas, the other Turtles call upon all of their allies to prepare for War. City Fallcontinues to escalate when Splinter crosses a line by helping Old Hob get his revenge!

City Fall continues this month in the pages of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #26 with a story by Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, and Tom Waltz. Waltz writes the script with Mateus Santolouco handling art. Ronda Pattison provides colors with Shan Lee tackling lettering. Charles Paul Wilson III provides two stunning pages of art for a mediation sequence. City Fall has been nothing short of spectacular so far. Does the next installment live up to its predecessors?

After a brief mediation sequence showing that Leonardo is started to feel conflicted about what’s going on even though he’s under Shredder’s mind control, we see Angel trying to stop a daylight robbery at a liquor store. She’s in a sticky situation until Raphael shows up. Raph is trying to rally the Turtle’s allies and see who they can count on in the upcoming battle with Shredder and the Foot. Angel, as we saw in the villain micro-series about Hun, is no longer in control of the Purple Dragons. She can’t promise the Dragons will help the Turtles but she assures Raph that she will be there when they need her. Donatello is doing some work of his own as he and April try to get some nifty gadgets to help with the goal of getting Leo back. Michelangelo is working the streets for info and Splinter is doing Old Hob a favor so the villainous cat will give him what he needs. While all of the Turtle family is trying to prepare for the war to come, Shredder is launching a new battle. With Leo as his trusted chunin, Shredder is starting his endgame. Things keep looking darker and darker. Will the Turtles optimism help them succeed this time? Even if they get the help they’re looking for, will it be enough?

Waltz and company write another great story. This issue is used to move the chess pieces another couple of spaces while still offering plenty of action. Everything is starting to come together and each character’s ultimate goals are starting to become clearer. The Foot and the Savate are starting to thrive in a city where order has been thrown out the window. Crime at all levels is getting bolder and as strange as it is, that’s just the calm before the storm. Everything is getting ready to spill over and the city will fall. Santolouco’s art is fantastic as always. From the backgrounds to the characters and fight sequences, everything is crisp and clean. The action is handled just as well and detailed as the sequences featuring two characters just standing around and talking. Pattison’s colors are bright and vibrant in the right places while being a little darker and moodier in the Foot/Savante sections.

Bottom Line: City Fall continues to please. There are a lot of moving parts, but luckily they’re all running like clockwork. This is a big and expansive story that has been handled very well. We’re just a few issues away from the conclusion, and there’s still no way of knowing what could happen next. 4/5

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