Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #24: City Fall Part 3


“CITY FALL” part 3: With the hunt on for Leonardo, the remaining Turtles take whatever help they can get… but can they trust a truce with Old Hob?! A startling climax will change the Turtles forever!

tmnt coverThe Turtles are on the ropes and Leo is still missing in the third part of City Fall, landing in comic book stores this week. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #24 features a story by Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, and Tom Waltz. Waltz provides the script, Mateus Santolouco handles all of the art, except for page 3 by Mike Henderson, Ronda Pattison tackles colors, and Shawn Lee is responsible for lettering. City Fall has been an explosive new story for the Turtles. Is the third part another big bang, or are things starting to fizzle out?

The story gives us an update on Casey’s medical condition, but that’s just a quick check-in before the real action starts. Splinter and the three Turtles have forged an uneasy alliance with Old Hob for the time being. He says that he can show the group where Leo is being held. He takes them to an old abandoned warehouse that is bolted up, locked up, chained, up, and every other variation you can think up. Hob gets Splinter and his three sons inside, and of course the whole thing is an elaborate trapped laid out by Shredder. Splinter and his lifelong nemesis have a quick chat. For once the Turtles could care less about Shredder make a play on all the other criminal organizations in the city, they just want Leo back. As we know from last month’s issue, Leo has been brainwashed and has accepted Shredder as his master. The new Dark Leo makes his debut. Can the Turtles fight their brother? Even if they can, do they stand a chance against him?

Waltz and company offer up another stellar issue. This is one of the biggest TMNT stories in recent memory. The story’s scope is epic and the consequence for the future are serious. This issue serves as a turning point of sorts. The Turtles have completed their first objective, but what they find in their latest meeting with Shredder will change the playing field entirely. What happens next is anyone’s guess. They’re going to work on getting Leo, but how will they go about it? The art is absolutely stunning. The art started out great, but it seems like everyone involved with this comic ups their game each issue. I can only describe it as more of a realistic cartoon style. The colors are brilliant and vibrant which really helps to differentiate and sell the big action moments.

Bottom Line: City Fall has quickly become a can’t miss event. It pulls off big and exciting things while still be accessible to new readers. You can hop in at the beginning of City Fall and keep up with the story. That’s no small feat on the team’s part considering how expansive of an event this is. 4.5/5

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