Review: Swamp Thing Vol. 3: Rotworld- The Green Kingdom


In this volume collecting SWAMP THING #12-18 and ANIMAL MAN #12 and 17, Swamp Thing finds unlikely allies in Deadman and Poison Ivy as he ventures into Gotham City to find the man who always has all the answers: Batman. But can the Caped Crusader help Swamp Thing break Rotworld’s hold over Earth?

swamp coverToday sees the release of Swamp Thing Vol. 3: Rotworld- The Green Kingdom. The trade paperback collects the final issues of Scott Snyder’s run on the title and the crossover event with Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man. The story is written by Snyder and Lemire and features art by Yanick Paquette, Steve Pugh, Marco Rudy, Andrew Belanger, Dan Green, Andy Owens, Timothy Green II, and Joseph Silver. Lovern Kindzierski, Val Staples, Nathan Fairbairn, Lee Loughridge, and Tony Avina handle colors. Jared K. Flether and Travis Lanham tackle lettering. So is the collected 9 issues worth picking up?

Alex Holland, better known as Swamp Thing, and Buddy Baker thought they had defeated the forces of The Rot. It turns out they were very wrong. When Buddy’s family and when Swamp Thing’s habitat and girl he loves are under attack, the two heroes must dive into the world of Rot. After a brief battle they begin to descend deeper and deeper into the decaying world only to find out it was a trap set by Anton Arcane. Being spit back out into the real world, they find out they were gone for one entire year. The Rot has won and there seems to be no hope. The heroes are separated, but they must navigate this grim new reality and strike at the heart of The Rot. Sacrifices will have to be made, but will anyone make it out alive?

Snyder and Lemire craft an event that is truly epic in scope. The grotesque world Swamp Thing finds himself in puts him to the ultimate test. The journey puts a tremendous strain on him and makes our hero question everything he has ever known, but it sets Swamp Thing up to be an incredibly powerful hero and a truly great character. The collection only tells Swamp Things side of the story, so you’ll have to pick up Animal Man: The Red Kingdom to see Buddy’s side. The story does a wonderful job of standing on its own and filling you in well enough on what happens on Buddy’s end. That’s a tremendous compliment considering some trades that have been released lately require you to get two or three different books. The art is incredibly trippy and far out as only Swamp Thing has been historically able to do. The page layouts and detail work from the various artist makes this one of the few comics you spend several minutes looking back over after you finish reading. From the writing to the art and the colors, the New 52 run on Swamp Thing under Snyder turned into a book you couldn’t ignore.

Bottom Line: If you missed this the first time around or are a trade waiter, by all means go get this. Snyder crafts a beautiful finish for his run on Swamp Thing that brings things full circle while setting the character up with a new direction. 4.5/5

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