Review: Superior Spider-Man #9

Book By:
Dan Slott, Ryan Stegman, Edgar Delgado
Marvel Comics

Reviewed by:
On May 3, 2013
Last modified:May 4, 2013


Dan Slott retreads on the story a bit, but fixes some of the problems in this young series. Ryan Stegman continues to create beautiful after beautiful issue

3015822-09aIt’s been roughly four months since Dan Slott “killed” Peter Parker, but he has decided that he needs to stick it to us again.  Superior Spider-Man #9 is a good issue, and fixes problems, but still has a couple of hiccups.

Spoiler warning for Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Superior Spider-Man #1-8

Slott starts the issue off by evening the playing field for the hero and villain.  The mental fight that takes up this entire issue is written quite well.  It honors the history of Spider-Man well, and shows why Peter Parker is such a hero.  But then Slott takes an unexpected turn, and shows why Ock might be a better Spider-Man.  It’s an interesting argument, and one that the reader can’t help but agree with Ock on.  I mean, Peter did almost kill a little girl in the last issue.  It’s hard to argue with that type of logic.  Slott still hasn’t shown readers many reasons why Ock is the better Spider-Man.  After this issue, that should change.  The biggest strength for the writing is that #9 fixes the problems that this series has been having so far.  With Peter watching everything, it’s been clear that this status quo isn’t going to stick.  But with Peter’s state of being changed after this issue, we can get back to Ock’s redemption.  And that is something that I have been dying to see since this series started.

While it’s easy to agree with Slott’s logic, there are also some massive holes.  Why yes, Peter’s “ghost manipulation” did almost kill a girl, but he has done amazing things in the years as the Web Crawler.  Ock has been a horrible person for most of his life.  Doing a few good things doesn’t change that.  It’s a step in the right direction for Ock, but his argument only stands if you don’t think about it too deeply.  It does show that Ock is slowly changing into a better person, which was the initial purpose of this series.  It’s still a young title, and considering it’s double shipping, we will no doubt see Ock change quite a bit throughout the year.

Ryan Stegman owns this issue.  The kinetic fight scenes are frame worthy.  The creepy, skin ripping scenes made my face grimace as I looked at them.  Those last few pages are heart breaking, and Stegman makes the reader feel terrible by the looks on Peter’s face.  Stegman’s inks are a lot better in this issue.  Everything looks less scratchy, and more clean cut.  The entire issue has a Silver Age look to it, and I can’t help but fall in love with it.  Edgar Delgado mutes his colors this month, considering what happens.  There is a clash of Spider-Man’s red and Ock’s green throughout the issue, and it helps set the atmosphere well.

Superior Spider-Man #9 is somewhat of a retread of Amazing Spider-Man #700, but it’s still a good issue.  Now that Slott has moved on from a few plot points, we can get on with the story.

Superior Spider-Man #9 gets 3.5/5.

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