Review: Superior Spider-Man #27

Review of: Superior Spider-Man #27
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Dan Slott, Guiseppe Camuncoli, John Dell, Antonio Fabela

Superior Spider-Man #27

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On February 13, 2014
Last modified:February 13, 2014


The Goblin War starts off on a high note, as Slott and Camuncoli create the final test for Otto as Spider-Man

Spider-Man vs. the Green Goblin. It’s a classic battle that has played out plenty of times before. Dan Slott pits one last test against Otto to see if he is truly the “Superior” Spider-Man in Superior Spider-Man #27.  While I’m glad Peter is coming back, its issues like this that will have me missing Otto.

Otto has handled most of Spider-Man’s traditional villains in the past year between this title, Avenging Spider-Man, and Superior Spider-Man Team-Up.  Some correlations could be made to the Gauntlet storyline that went through Brand New Day era a few years back.  Otto has handled the villains well enough, but the Green Goblin is his last test.  As I see it, if he can defeat him, he is truly the Superior Spider-Man.  Slott plays this angle up throughout #27 to great results.  It’s hard to form an opinion on this when Otto is doing something better then messing up badly when it counts with the Goblin.  Otto’s quick admission that he is indeed behind the mask was surprising given how meticulous he’s tried to hide this from other villains.  We aren’t even sure if Norman Osborn is behind the Goblin mask, even though it’s looking like it is Norman more and more.

A common complaint about Slott’s run with Spider-Man is the stuffed feeling of storylines in each issue.  This has left some story arcs to feel under developed or not getting panel time consistently.  When Slott gets close to an end game though, he finds a way to balance them easily.  Slott sets up Otto with a lot to lose, and what ultimately looks to be an “Uncle Ben” type situation with Anna Maria.  I’m purely speculating here, but it would be a great pay off for her relationship with Otto.  The opening pages don’t hurt the story, but a jump forward in time doesn’t seem necessary (for the moment) to what is going on.  The reader knows the crap will hit the fan eventually, but we wouldn’t know how hard.  A slight mystery is always good in this type of arc.

On a side note, having Slott put a quantity onto Peter’s memories could bring up some issues with future writers. Which specific memories does he remember? Does he remember the entire day or only the certain scenario?  It makes Peter like Batman or Green Lantern in the New 52; who the hell knows what happened in the past.

Guiseppe Camuncoli turns in one of his best issues on Superior Spider-Man.  When Camuncoli is given enough time to pencil an issue, the results are usually great.  I loved the intricate work on the Green Goblin’s face.  I compared his face to past panels Camuncoli had penciled of Norman Osborn, the mannerisms match up perfectly.  The air of bravado and confidence that Norman Osborn oozes when he is in a position of power flows off of Camuncoli’s pencils.  Osborn is in charge, and has embraces his slight insanity.  Having one inker, John Dell, also helps Camuncoli’s pencils look their best.  Dell uses thin lines to add a realistic nature to the pencils.  When the inker uses thick lines, Camuncoli’s artwork turns grotesque fast.  Antonio Fabela’s colors have been consistently beautiful on Superior Spider-Man.  The turn in Otto’s brain was uses a great color scheme, and makes Peter’s clothing (which I didn’t notice were red and blue until a second read) stand out amongst the great more.  When Peter takes a trip into Otto’s brain, the color work is pristine.  It jumps out at you and surprises the reader as much as Peter is surprised on his trip.

Superior Spider-Man #27 gets 4/5.

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