Review: Superior Spider-Man #2

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SuperiorSpiderMan_2_Cover_02[1]With his massive twist ending out of the way, Dan Slott can finally delve deeper into the dynamics of this new status quo.

Spoiler warning for Amazing Spider-Man #698-700 and Superior Spider-Man #1

Now that readers know how Ock is going to act in Peter’s body, how is Peter going to act as the ghost to all of this?  What follows is Peter going “crazy town banana-pants” over everything he sees.  It’s funny to see Peter act like the surrogate for the reader and everything we have been thinking since the switch happened.  Ock is slowly showing Peter that he hasn’t thought of everything, as Ock seems to be an adept Spider-Man.  When Peter comes back into his body (we know it will happen), I’ll be interested to see how Peter handles the developments that Ock makes as Spider-Man.  Slott handles the relationship with MJ rather nicely.  It had to be handled ever so slightly, as it would jump into rape territory rather fast.  Watching Ock struggle to figure out woman is great to read.  Slott’s drops a few hints to the over arching mystery of “when will people figure it out.”  Carlie’s sudden appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #700, which I thought was superfluous, shows to have been a great decision after all.  Having MJ and Carlie being a detective duo, figuring out the mystery, is a great story beat.  Slott should dedicate some panel time to them each month.

Superior Spider-Man #2 focuses a lot on how Peter sees things. This well and fine, but I was hoping for more Spock (Spider-Man Ock. Thank you Reddit).  Slott has set up both parties in Peter’s body, let’s get an even amount of face time in the book. Now that we are a couple issues into the series, I’m not certain that showing Peter in ghost form this early was the best idea.  Spock has plenty of great stories in him, and having Peter around makes sure the reader doesn’t forget that this is temporary.  But not knowing if Peter will ever come back is part of the fun of the story.  Spock’s characterization is a little off as well.  Mark Waid and Chris Yost wrote him well in Daredevil and Avenging Spider-Man respectively.  He was still Ock, but was clearly trying to be a hero.  Here, he seems to still be on the evil side of things.  It’s unsure where everything is chronologically, but I’d like to see Slott write him more like those other books.  This doesn’t detract from an otherwise fun read, but it’s worth noting.

Ryan Stegman proves again that he is going to be the Spider-Man artist for this generation.  His energetic pencils fit the world perfectly.  Spider-Man swings through air with such ease and fluidity.  Spock has a slight smugness in his expressions, where Peter’s are all genuine.  MJ’s eyes stood out to me, especially when Spock refuses a kiss.  The reader can feel the sadness and confusion in her eyes.  Every page is incredibly detailed, even the characters that are in the background.  I with this book would slow down, shipping once a month, so Stegman could pencil every issue.  Edgar Delgado colors a great issue.  The ghostly color of Peter is perfect.  Spider-Man books have always been bright and splashy, and Delgado nails that tone.

Superior Spider-Man #2 gets 4/5.


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