Review: Supergirl #28

Review of: Supergirl #28
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Tony Bedard, Yildiray Cinar

Supergirl #28

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On February 20, 2014
Last modified:February 20, 2014


The premise of Kara being a Red Lantern is enticing, but Lobo keeps #28 from being a good comic.

I was reading Supergirl when the New 52 launched, until the Zero Issue month.  But the thought of Kara becoming a Red Lantern was too enticing to pass up.  #28 is an ok issue that has a few easily fixable problems.

The biggest problem in #28 is Lobo.  I’m not a fan in any way shape or form of Lobo, but his constant narration is just annoying.  I reread the issue without his narration and it actually helped the story out.  It adds nothing to him being beaten up by Kara.  I was genuinely mad about the character by the end of the issue, and wanted the Red Ring that Kara put on so I could kick his butt.  Whether that was what Tony Bedard intended to do with Lobo, it doesn’t make for a great read.  Having Kara narrate the fight would have been a wiser choice.  In fact, why not have it be a silent affair, and let Yildiray Cinar’s artwork show the rage that is bubbling in Kara.  Rage is a hard concept to convey with words.  It’s why characters like the Punisher or Wolverine are often written as men of action.  Let the rage be conveyed in her eyes, and the lifelessness that often shows when a person is in a fit of rage they can’t control.

While rage can be silent, Bedard writes Kara’s confession about how her life sucks well.  It’s heartbreaking as she’s a likable character.  I like that Bedard leaves her transformation up to the interpretation of the reader.  This doesn’t exactly feel like Kara is hitting the bottom nor does it feel like she is helping her life either.  This doesn’t completely save the issue though, as her transformation comes quite late in the issue.  The transition from space to Queens feels awkward and feels forced so that she will have to face Siobhan in the next issue.  Then #29 will be about Siobhan trying to bring Kara back from the rage machine that is the Red Lanterns.  I’d like to see Siobhan maybe relate to Kara and her feelings instead of just leaping to the clichéd “bringing [insert person’s name] back from the edge of self destruction.”

Yildiray Cinar’s pencils are good, if a little stiff at points.  Kara has a high level of detail when the panel zooms in, and the reader can feel the rage boiling up as she fights Lobo.  The facial cues have a surprising amount of detail, even when pushed to the background of panels.  What impressed me most about the art is how scary Kara looks throughout the issue.  Her rage feels completely justified when looking at her expressions.  There is a real pain in her eyes.  And while I knew the last page was coming, I couldn’t help but take it in.  it’s a great looking splash page.  As said before, I’m not a big fan of Lobo, but he looks atrocious. Nothing against this particular issue, but it needs to be said as much as possible.

Supergirl #28 gets 3/5.

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