Review: Super Secret Crisis War!: Johnny Bravo #1

Review of: Super Secret Crisis War!: Johnny Bravo #1
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Erik Burnham

Super Secret Crisis War!: Johnny Bravo #1

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On July 23, 2014
Last modified:July 22, 2014


This is a nice, quick, fun tie-in, but it doesn’t quite offer much more than some Johnny Bravo-ness.

There’s trouble a brewin’ in Aron City; and no sir, it ain’t the kind that rhymes with pool! A robot from another dimension has appeared, intent on finding and challenging a hero – any hero – for its evil masters. Instead, the robot finds Johnny Bravo, and proof… that even a robot can be driven mad by exposure to Johnny’s obliviousness. Don’t miss this tie-in to the event of the summer — so cool, you’re gonna have to wear shades. Hyah!

Johnny Bravo is back in action this month thanks to IDW’s Super Secret Crisis War: Johnny Bravo #1. The story is written by Erik Burnham with art from Erica Henderson. Tom B. Long rounds things out with lettering. IDW has been putting out some great Cartoon Network themed books, but how does Johnny’s introduction fare?

Aku has unleashed his evil robot minions on pretty much every known dimension. Due to an accident with some Carpaxian wine, a minion gets beamed to Aron City. While the bot can’t find a worthy champion, he does run into Johnny Bravo. Johnny isn’t a champion, but he is a big, strong, dimwit who doesn’t know when to quit. Has the bot met his match? Will anyone be able to stand as Aron City’s champion? Will Johnny ever find himself a hot little momma?

Burnham writes a fast-paced and funny issue. Special one-shot tie-ins are always a hard sale for big events, but Burnham perfectly captures the style, feel, and humor of the show and one Mr. Johnny Bravo. This is just a normal day for Johnny and it happens to get broken up by one of Aku’s bots making the scene. Burnham has a little fun with the bot as well, playing on several Terminator gags. It’s a fun one-shot, but it doesn’t quite break the boundaries of just doing what it has to do before we get to the main story and the next tie-in story. Hopefully we see a lot more Johnny Bravo moving forward, and hopefully Burnham is the man writing his misadventures. Henderson’s art and colors give you the Johnny Bravo you know and love while offering up some new visual twists thanks to the overall Super Secret Crisis War sandbox in which we’re playing. There are a few fight sequences and Henderson handles them with the same skill and care as the visual gags and just everyday visuals of Aron City.

Bottom Line: Super Secret Crisis War brought Johnny Bravo back, but hopefully it wasn’t for a one-off appearance. This is a nice, quick, fun tie-in, but it doesn’t quite offer much more than some Johnny Bravo-ness. 3/5

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