Review: Star Wars #1


star-wars-1Star Wars has been a staple in my pop culture consumption, but the comics have always eluded me.  Not any more.  Star Wars #1 is probably the most accessible Star Wars comic that has ever been made.

Brian Wood spends #1 setting up each and every character.  What have they been doing since the end of A New Hope?  What will be their main motivation moving forward?  It’s a lot for readers to take in, giving #1 a cramped feel.  But Wood makes it all interesting, using each panel wisely.  I felt as if I was getting more bang for my buck.  The main plot, the Rebel Alliance trying to find a new home planet, is simple enough.  But it works rather well, since it will involve all the major players from A New Hope in some shape or form.  We have Luke and Leia looking for the planet, Hand and Chewie helping, and Darth Vader searching the galaxy for them.  Wood drops hints of the main character plots from the movie, such as Luke trying to move the lightsaber with the force.  It’s Wood showing that he is clearly doing his own thing within the universe, but these are the same characters you know and love.  The only complaint I can find in the writing is the sever lack of Han and Chewie.  They make an appearance, but it seems as if they will be going out on their own.

The Star Wars comics and novels have always been a hard thing to get into for me.  There was this massive backstory from countless novels that I just didn’t have time to read.  At least with comics, there is one Wikipedia page to help with each character or book.  But upon hearing that Brian Wood would be writing a book that took place immediately after A New Hope, I was really excited.  In essence, it’s a fantastic #1.  It’s built on something that came before it, but is perfectly accessible.  Some of the background elements could have been eliminated, like Wedge’s comment about Leia being a Senator.  These deep backstory elements could have been brought up in a more organic way.  Wait until the story requires them.

Carlos D’Anda follows the method Georges Jeanty does with the Buffy books.  The characters bear a resemblance to their actor counter parts, but D’Anda is clearly doing his own thing.  Leia bears the brunt of this, as she looks nothing like Carrie Fischer.  But the rest of the crew look close enough.  Speaking of Leia, she seems to be more “curvier”.  I understand that this is a comic, where the average reader is a male, but come on.  The attention to detail is astonishing on the Star Destroyer.  D’Anda gives the reader the feeling of being a spec compared to it.  The dogfights give the feeling of watching the original trilogy again.  The entire universe feels lived in, a classic aspect of the movies.

Star Wars #1 is a good start to a series, and a great starting point for fans of the movies.  I’m glad I can add a Star Wars comic to my ever growing pull list.

Star Wars #1 gets 4/5.

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